20 inch height toilet bowl taller than ADA

20 inch height toilet bowl taller than ADA

Does the ADA regulations cover private apartments and private homes? No.

The answer is No, ADA does not cover your private home, period, and there is no small print here. That’s why the Convenient Height 20 inch height toilet bowl is virtually untouchable by ADA when installed at any private residence in the United States. The ADA compliance rule does not cover strictly residential private apartments and homes. This means that if you are an owner of a private home ADA has no legal jurisdiction of any kind over what type of a toilet you are using at your own property. Additionally, even if you are leasing an apartment or a house where you and your family are the sole users of the private bathroom, ADA does not cover regulations related to a private residence individually used toilet. The only permission for leased properties is a requirement for the owner to approve the installation of the plumbing fixture of your choice.

We hope the above provides some clarity in regards of why our product Model S with a 20 inch toilet bowl exceeds ADA regulatory bowl height.

Below, to all fairness to ADA regulatory efforts we list the situations and instances where ADA compliance is a must.

For example, if a place of public accommodation, such as a doctor’s office or day care center, is located in a private residence, those portions of the residence used for that purpose are subject to the ADA’s requirements.