Toilet Height Matters: introducing 20 inch bowl designed by the Convenient Height Co.

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turn your bathroom into more accessible one
Convenient Height toilets are ranked the tallest consumer market (mass production) residential toilets in the world. Our elongated 20 inch height toilet bowl is compatible with any standard elongated toilet seat or matching accessories. Total height floor to top of a regular toilet seat is 21 inches which successfully exceeds ADA toilet height requirements. Convenient Height beats any other toilet bowl height by 3 inches (7.6cm).

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Toilets designed by Convenient Height Co.

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Our extra tall toilets designed by Convenient Height Co. feature 20 inch bowls and measure 21 inches to the top of regular elongated toilet seats. The elongated bowl shape matches most of toilet bowl accessories, such as elongated washlets.

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I have been searching everywhere for a 20″ toilet. I have been told over and over again they are NO longer made. I am so glad I did not give up my search. I want one, please.” – Terri

Toilets designed even taller than ADA height compliant requirements. Let’s rise above standard.

The Convenient Height Company engineers world’s tallest toilets with focus on bathroom fall prevention, safety, comfort and peace of mind. Our products promote independence through enhanced mobility and accessibility. Our first product the toilet named Model S is now available for pre-order with world wide shipping.

Don’t settle for average height toilets. Choose our ADA height exceeding 20 inch toilet bowl

Ideas for Independent Living Assisted Senior Living toilet
Convenient Height toilets are an ideal option when upgrading your bathroom into easier accessible at any stage of life. Transferring on and off a toilet, standing up, sitting down sounds pretty basic to most people, but when weakness associated with chronic illness or other disabilities are factored in, the priority changes.