Kohler buys Convenient Height Model S

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On Thursday May 31, 2018 Kohler Co. placed an order of three Convenient Height Model S toilets to be delivered to Kohler, Wisconsin headquarters located at 444 Highland Drive Kohler, WI 53044.

As an owner of the small company from Massachusetts I look up to Kohler Co. and have a lot respect for this organization. Kohler Co., founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler has become a powerhouse in plumbing products.

Kohler Headquarters in Kohler, Wisconsin

The purchase order by Kohler was brought to my attention by the Convenient Height Company fulfillment team member in Holliston, Ma. I am ecstatic to find out Kohler Co. placed an order for the product I worked 2 years to design, create a prototype, and it took over a year to bring to mass production. I am also quick to worry the person placing an order for Kohler Co. works (based on her LinkedIn profile) for the engineering and research department at Kohler, Wisconsin headquarters – this is where Kohler works on new products.

I took a quick look at Kohler mission statement and it reads: “Longstanding traditions of high moral conduct and ethical standards are basic to our conduct of business. Honesty and integrity are core values that we must observe in all business activities.” I do sincerely want to believe the fact Kohler Co.’s intentions in this case are up to their ethical standards. But I am sure many of you reading this understand my concern of the originally designed Convenient Height toilets going to the laboratories where Kohler creates new toilets…

Website snapshot from Kohler.com/ethics page

Convenient Height Company has established a deep connection to many of our beloved customers. With this message I hope to hear from many of you as I am seeking your opinions as per above. I will update this page as soon as I get more information and when I hear more. Meanwhile, please share your opinions and your thoughts with us in the comment section below or email me your thoughts. Thanks so much to all of you for your support.


Truly Yours,


Founder of the Convenient Height Company

Holliston, Massachusetts

2 thoughts on “Kohler buys Convenient Height Model S

  1. Kohler R&D dept. probably bought from you to reverse engineer your 20″ toilets. They will dissect and evaluate your product design and construction. Unfortunately, this is how big business works and Kohler is a big business, and they are a lot bigger than you. Good luck…

  2. Hi All, Eddie here at the Convenient Height Company. Thank you for reading this message. To post a comment, simply fill out the form “Enter your comment here…” and then click Post Comment.

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