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June 7, 2018

Convenient Height Co. makes toilets in limited batches. Orders placed before June 6, 2018 will ship out of our Holliston Ma sorting facility June 18-28, 2018. Orders placed after June 6, 2018 will start shipping to buyer residences after July 17, 2018. Please order now to reserve yours.

More information to buyers while we all wait for your Model S to arrive: Convenient Height Co. uses UPS Ground to deliver aprox. 120 lbs. total. We ship two boxes, one for the toilet tank, one for the toilet bowl and all included parts. As soon as we are ready to ship, we will issue each buyer with two UPS tracking numbers. Two boxes travel together but as separate shipments to maximize all package safety in transit.

100% safe delivery guarantee. Complete shipment coverage. State of the art packaging: double box, double foam protected. In case of unlikely event of bowl or tank arriving damaged in transit each buyer is 100% protected by our partner UPS Capital Insurance, and we will replace any damaged part at zero cost for product and shipping.


May 26, 2018

Our new packaging has industry’s top rated delivery success rate. Here is more about how we ship. Shipping carrier is UPS Ground. Detailed tracking information provided to the buyer once tracking labels are created. To maximize safety in transit each toilet ships in 2 boxes: one box for tank, one box for bowl. While both boxes travel together, they are separated to minimize individual box weight and cut damage risk. Buyer receives two UPS tracking numbers for each toilet with daily shipping progress updates. Total parcel weight is aprox. 120 lbs.

100% safe delivery guarantee. We offer a complete shipment coverage. Our state of the art packaging has double box, double foam protection. In case of unlikely event of toilet arriving damaged in transit, we will replace it at no cost.


May 21, 2018

We are happy to report that everything is on schedule. Production is complete for the new batch of the Model S 20″ toilets and we are now testing the newly made units, packing and sending to the fulfillment center in Holliston, Ma. We are on schedule to start shipping to our buyers mid-June, 2018.


May 12, 2018

New inventory on the way! We are taking orders now and will ship in June. More accurate date will be announce as we get closer to June.


April 20, 2018

We were holding our breath the entire week, tracking every shipment up close and seeing many of the packages getting delivered to our buyers day by day. Our partners at UPS did a fantastic job.  We also started seeing major improvements in our parcel safety in transit after we completely revamped the packaging for this shipment. This packaging adjustment by our production facility team was made to minimize chances for anything to break. I will admit it slowed down the final stage of the manufacturing process and caused some delays, but boy what a relief it is to see the fragile cargo protected so much better. As one of our wonderful buyers said after receiving the product and having it installed, “it was well worth the wait.”

As the founder of this company, I cannot be happier to start seeing more and more positive feedback and images coming to us of the installations. We will be displaying them on our Reviews and Testimonials Gallery page. Thank you so much to you all who are sending the images of your Convenient Height Model S to share with the rest.

– Eddie


April 13, 2018

Today, Friday, we have the very final large pick up scheduled by the UPS carrier and 99.7% of Tall Toilet orders placed through today’s date will be fulfilled comprehensively. All of our amazing pre-order buyers were issued their Model S arrival estimation notices and tracking information via email. We are working on a few clarifications for remaining 0.03% of orders, such as getting the final documents prepared with the UPS teams for the ground shipments leaving to Canada. We wish all of the Model S packages safe travels to their new homes.

In this image: UPS trucks getting loaded with Convenient Height packages outside our shipping facility loading dock here in Holliston, Ma. We had a very busy week with our UPS partners in all-hands-on-deck efforts to ship out all of the pending orders this week. And we did it! Thank you UPS teams in Ashland Ma and Shrewsbury/Worcester Ma.


April 9, 2018

Dear buyers, we are excited to report that during the week of April 9-15 every single currently pending order placed through April 9th will be issued UPS shipping tracking numbers as we are uploading the shipping addresses into our UPS system one by one, customer by customer. While both packages will travel together the tank and bowl are separated into two individual boxes to maximize total package safety in transit. Each box contains appropriate accessories, for example a toilet seat travels in a box with a toilet bowl and flushing mechanisms in a box with the tank. We ship in chronological order and fulfillment center will create tracking numbers for each toilet and upload data into our system, synchronizing it with buyer’s email. Buyers are able to see shipping activity real-time as soon as the boxes are picked up by UPS carrier all the way till they reach the final destination residence.


April 7, 2018

We are building a company from ground up. Every order is taking us closer to where we need to be… Thank you to so many of you who are placing the trust in what we are working to accomplish. Our goal is to ramp up production in the next few months where every order will be shipped out within 3-4 days after we receive them. The wait times to receive the Convenient Height Model S should start getting shorter and shorter starting in May 2018.

Toilet inventory
Ready. Label Ship. The inventory at our facility in Holliston will cover all open orders placed through March-beginning of April, 2018.


April 6, 2018

Dear David, it was a real pleasure to meet you at our humble offices today. Thank you for coming all the way from the beautiful Adirondack Mountains in New York to pick up your newly made Model S. We enjoyed talking to you and we will always remember the warm and friendly nickname you gave to Eddie. We will keep it to ourselves for now… Hope you had a nice trip back home. Thanks so much again.


April 5, 2018

A pallet shipping to a hardware store location in Pennsylvania. Pallet set up with 3 toilet bowls and 3 tanks.



April 4, 2018

toilet molds in factory
Convenient Height toilet Model S molds in the factory. Each toilet requires about 60 hours total time to produce.

The toilet bowl and tank are made at a type of factory known as a pottery. The pottery receives huge amounts of vitreous china in a liquid form called slurry slip. Our team first thins the slurry slip to a watery consistency. Then, they feed it through very fine screens in order to sieve out any impurities. The purified slip is thickened again, and pumped into storage tanks in preparation for use in casting. Next, the slip is carried through hoses and pumps into the casting shop. We fill plaster of molds with the slip. The molds are in the shape of the desired piece, except they are about 12% bigger, to allow for shrinkage. The team fills the molds completely with the slip, and let it sit for about an hour, then drain out any excess slip. This is recycled for later use. The clay sits in the mold for another few hours. The plaster absorbs water from the clay, and the clay dries to the point where the mold can be safely removed. At this point, the casting is semisolid, and is called greenware. We use hand tools and sponges to smooth the edges of the casting and to make holes for drains and fittings. The greenware castings are left to dry in the open air for several days. Then they are put into a dryer for 20 hours. The

Toilet bases are cast from a slurry of vitreous china and molded into the base shape. Once molded, the greenware, as it is called, goes through a series of drying, glazing, and firing steps until it reaches final inspection.

toilet bases are cast from a slurry of vitreous china and molded into the base shape. Once molded, the greenware, as it is called, goes through a series of drying, glazing, and firing steps until it reaches final inspection. Dryer is set to 200° F (93° C). After the castings come out of the dryer, they have lost all but about 0.5% of their moisture. At this point pottery team sprays the greenware castings with glaze. Now, the pieces are ready for the kiln. The kilns at a large industrial pottery are warehouse-sized tunnels, and the pieces move through the kiln on a conveyance called a car. Each car is loaded with a number of pieces, and then it moves automatically through the hot kiln at a very slow pace. Because rapid changes in temperature will cause the clay to crack, the cars move leisurely through graduated temperature zones: the first zone is about 400° F (204° C), and it increases in the middle of the kiln to over 2,200° F (1,204° C) degrees. The temperature gradually decreases from there, so that the final temperature is only about 200° F (93° C). The whole firing process takes approximately 40 hours.

3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Eddie, I just ordered the model S 20”high bowl / 2 pc.elongated toilet last night Order # 1454 . You said that 99.7% of the tall toilets should be fulfilled comprehensively. Does my order fall into these parameters since it was placed on 4/13/2018. I ‘m trying to get a better understanding of a timeline as to when to expect the delivery.
    Thank you for your time,
    Bennie Hines

    1. Dear Bennie,

      Thank you so much for you order of the Convenient Height Model S – we truly appreciate it!. We checked our systems and your order was placed later in the evening on Friday and we completed all of the deliveries and fulfilled every order placed up to the overnight into the early morning of shipments that Friday. We simply shipped every single Model S we had available!.. But let me reassure you Bennie, that you are right at the top 3 of the very first buyers who we will fulfill for from the batch we are planning to see in our Holliston, Massachusetts sorting facility at the end of May. I will be very very happy to ship to you and your support means so much to our new company. We are still operating a bit slower with shipments than I would like, but as our production line is expanding, our timelines should get a lot shorter soon.

      Bennie, please let me know if you’d have any further questions for me at any time. I look forward to speaking to you on this page soon.

      Warm Regards and truly yours,

      Eddie @ Convenient Height Co.

  2. I look forward to your comments and will be replying to every one of them. Hope to hear from you.
    Warm regards, – Eddie

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