Toilet Height Matters: introducing 20 inch bowl designed by the Convenient Height Co.

american standard toilet and convenient height

turn your bathroom into more accessible one

Convenient Height toilets are ranked the tallest consumer market (mass production) residential toilets in the world. Our elongated 20 inch height toilet bowl is compatible with any standard elongated toilet seat or matching accessories. Total height floor to top of a regular toilet seat is 21 inches which successfully exceeds ADA toilet height requirements. Convenient Height beats any other toilet bowl height by 3 inches (7.6cm).

1.28 gallon per flush requirements


On Earth Day April 22, 2017, to ask less of the planet, we asked more of ourselves. Earth’s water resources won’t last forever and toilet flush technology must be improved. Here at Convenient Height we are challenging ourselves to ensure world’s very first mass production super tall 20 inch height toilet meets 1.28 gpf toilet requirements.