Physical therapists and physicians agree taller toilet helps with bathroom safety

Toilet designed with physical therapy research in mind


Tall toilet benefits are proven by physical therapists
Toilet is built to help with knee and back mobility. Made to assist with accessibility
Ask your doctor or physical therapist about Convenient Height 20 inch toilet today.
20 inch toilet bowl height (21 inch with toilet seat) will increase your bathroom safety
Toilet elevated riser is no longer your only alternative to get a tall toilet
Toilet elevated pedestal is no longer the only alternative to achieve a tall toilet height. Choose our 20-21 inch toilet.
Toilet seat riser is no longer the only alternative to achieve a tall toilet height. Choose our 20-21 inch toilet.
Toilet seat riser is no longer the only alternative to achieve a tall toilet height. Choose our 20-21 inch toilet.
20 inch toilet Convenient Height toilet vs others including 17 Comfort Height
Toilet angle comparison


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Full Product description


Included parts

  • Polished chrome dual direction flush lever
  • Slow-close toilet seat. White.
  • Dual flush complete system with flush valve and fill valve
  • Tank-to-bowl connectors
  • Floor mounting bolts

Warranty: Our products are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of: 3 year limited warranty on chinaware; 2 year warranty on mechanical parts inside water tank. Warranty applies to residential plastic toilet seat closing mechanism. Warranty does not apply to physical damage or regular wear-and tear of products.

Shipping: UPS Ground. Detailed tracking information provided to buyer once tracking labels created. To maximize safety in transit each toilet ships in 2 boxes: one box for tank, one box for bowl. While both boxes travel together, they are separated in transit to minimize individual box weight and cut damage risk. Buyer receives two UPS tracking numbers for each toilet with daily progress updates. Total parcel weight 120 lbs.

100% safe delivery guarantee. Complete shipment coverage. State of the art packaging: double box, double foam protected. In case of unlikely event of bowl or tank arriving damaged in transit each buyer is 100% protected by our partner UPS Capital Insurance, and we will replace any damaged part at zero cost for product and shipping.

Pick up option available: Buy online and pick up at our Holliston, Ma office. Save on shipping.

Does Convenient Height 20 inch height toilet flush well?

Yes. Actually, it flushes better than most siphonic toilets – and here is why. Our super tall bowl elevation adds some more power to the siphonic flush, based on height and gravity physics; all contents rush downward drain moving incoming water at a naturally increasing flow speed. Convenient Height 20″ bowl has the advantage of added steeper elevation which is naturally good for a stronger siphonic action. Right after the trapway bend, the route is downward all the way into the drain, with literally no resistance at all. The Convenient Height Co. production plant tested Model S toilet with 3 ping pong tennis balls and additional hard items in the bowl at the same time and it flushed well; additionally, it passed 1.7lbs. hard artificial waste flush testing.