Your Age Is Your Discount


Hi! How old are you?..

We ask, because right here at the Convenient Height Company we are celebrating your age… or your Mom’s age!.. by offering you a discount equal to your age, rounded to the higher number. For example, are you 70 years old? Your discount is $70! Are you 76?.. Your discount is $80!

Are you ordering for someone older than you? That is even better as we will be honored to offer the discount equal to that age.

Ready to order with your discount? Great! Here’s how to apply your discount:

STEP 1 – click ADD TO CART


STEP 2 – select your discount (below)

Age 100, $100.00 discount: HAPPY100

Age 90, $90.00 discount: HAPPY90

Age 80, $80.00 discount: HAPPY80

Age 70, $70.00 discount: HAPPY70

…and so forth!..


STEP 3 – start your check out



STEP 4 – enter discount code and click Apply


Have a question? Simply send us an email.



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