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Tall Toilet Reviews

Our amazing customer reviews and their home installation images of our toilet
We are building our company and our reputation slowly and carefully by working very closely with every buyer before and post sale. We are a small company and able to show personal attention to every buyer. We will always do the right thing and walk the extra mile to ensure we take care of you and make you happy.
Eddie S. Win – Founder of Convenient Height

This is when toilets are referred to as thrones

We bought our current home a couple of years ago after retiring. It's a cabin in the woods and the toilet was very small. My husband was embarrassed if visitors had to use our bathroom. Anyways, my hubby is 5'9". He wanted a Big man toilet and I found him this!. I replaced the seat with a wooden one to help the white blend in better. This is when toilets are referred to as thrones!
You can quote me…. It’s the toilet I’ve waited for all my life… even my knees have relief!
Trey – Our officially very first customer

Truly a throne!

Truly a throne!This is truly a throne! My husband is 6’7” and couldn’t be happier!! Very well constructed and nice lines. Lots of adjustments to water height and flush. Very nicely built.

Taller than a chair height toilet

Taller than a chair height toilet. My knees don’t hurt anymore when standing up!

Got to get this toilet!

Got to get this tall toilet! Works great with a Bidet in our brand new Bathroom!
Home Depot Customer

Wonderful! 5 out of 5 stars

Wonderful! 5 out of 5 stars. Didn’t dislike anything about the toilet.

The tallest toilet in Maryland

Eddie, is this the tallest toilet in Maryland?.. I let my wife do the inaugural flush tests and she was most impressed by the over all toilet seat height, being that she is 5’11”. As you can tell it was the perfect toilet choice. Thank you for your communications throughout! Thank you for everything!
Mike & Kelly
Our Giant Throne is finally installed and being happily used by the both of us. Seriously, the toilet is worth every penny. It is comfortable and at the height to get on and off. At night, the toilet is easy to aim at and closer to me….much appreciated. The packing was great and while the box was a little damaged on the corners, the toilet was in perfect condition. Thanks for your fine Throne and your fun correspondence

Fits right in the new bathroom!

The Convenient Height tall toilet was installed in the newly renovated bathroom.
Chestnut Hill renovation

Beautifully decorated Convenient Height toilet tank

I wanted you to see one of your Convenient Height toilet tanks decorated by Lynne Sands of! I love the tall toilet and Lynne did a beautiful job decorating it. Thank you again for shipping the tank and bowl separately.

Great toilet height!

I searched around and this is the tallest toilet I could fine. I have ADA compliant toilets in my other bathrooms, but I wanted something even higher. Works well for someone like myself that Is 5’9 with bad knees.