Tall toilets trusted by thousands in the U.S. and Canada.  All inclusive, all built-in price of $539


Hello to 1 hour of tall toilet installation

You will no longer need printed instructions since you are now on this web page.

Note: it is not required to adjust the dual flush valve or fill valve. While these parts have configuration options, they come preset and ready to go. Simply start by installing parts as they come.

Video #1: Assembling tall toilet. 15 minute video covers multiple details: a) assembling the tank (see Video #2 below for detailed instructions of connecting actuator to the handle/lever correctly; b) installing tank to bowl connectors and a rubber gasket; c) mounting the tank onto the bowl. Process covered in both video #1 and video #2 (see below) should take 1 hour.

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Video #2: How to correctly connect dual flush actuator to the handle. The flush handle (lever) must perform a Dual action: handle up for less water, handle down for a full flush. There is only one way to connect the actuator to the handle correctly (and 2 ways to do it incorrectly).

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Image #1: Correct sequence of tank to bowl connector screws. We supply a set of rust-proof heavy-duty nylon bolts for the tank to bowl connection. The great advantage of these (in addition to rust-proof material) is their partial flexibility. While some plumbers will always prefer metal screws, we see rust-proof heavy-duty nylon bolts as the new generation two-piece toilet tank-to-bowl connecting parts. The main large cone-shaped rubber piece will always go inside of the tank to hold the water from seeping through. Please see the #A diagram attached here below, called the “original”, because that is the sequence of how the screw parts will be aligned as they arrive to you.

Toilet tank to bowl screws