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toilet bowl work in progress
Toilet bowl work in progress.

To some, a bathroom is a bathroom. To you, and to us, it’s an opportunity to enhance a room used every day, to lift its feel and functionality, and brighten daily life.

Our products are categorized as Convenient Height and Convenient Size. Convenient Height is our flagship category, and just very recently we started working on a newly created product category named Convenient Size.

Enhancing an ordinary bathroom into a more accessible one is an important aspect of improving a quality of life at home. Choosing an extra tall Convenient Height toilet is an opportunity to transform one of the most important parts of your home to match your changing needs. After all, your bathroom is where you can relax, refresh and revitalize, and where your daily routine begins and ends.

We warmly welcome you and your family in helping us write the story of the Convenient Height Company products.

Boston City Clerk business registration certificate for Convenient Height Company
Boston City Clerk business registration certificate for Convenient Height Company


toilet class of its own

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True story. The Convenient Height Company was started in 2016 by our founder Eddie, who spent nearly a decade working at the senior and assisted living in Massachusetts, on the facility maintenance side with focus towards minimizing fall risks and increasing bathroom safety. Eddie could not understand why the only option to increase a toilet height was installing plastic seat risers on 16 inch height toilet bowls. There were no 20 inch high toilets available – until now. It took over a year to design and start manufacturing the model s and he decided to start a whole company based on that one, phenomenal product.