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Convenient Height toilet Model S specification drawings

Toilet Convenient Height Model S Specification Sheet DrawingsIs a Convenient Height toilet ranked #1 as the tallest residential toilet in the US?

Yes. A Convenient Height toilet Model S features a super tall 20 inch elongated toilet bowl. It is ranked #1 tallest consumer market toilet available in the Unites States. Our designers and engineers have pioneered a 20 inch toilet bowl concept.

Residential toilet 20 21 inch bowl height

What is the actual height of a Convenient Height toilet without and with a toilet seat?

Without a toilet seat: Convenient Height toilet bowl measurement is 20 inches (50 centimeters) when measured from the floor to the top of the toilet bowl rim

With a toilet seat: most of the standard toilet seats are 1 to 1.5 inch high (not including the seat cover) and a Convenient Height toilet Model S with a toilet seat measures 20-21 inches from the floor to the top of any regular style elongated toilet seat.


Does your 20 inch height toilet flush well?

Yes. Actually, it flushes better than most siphonic toilets – and here is why. Our super tall bowl elevation adds some more power to the siphonic flush, based on height and gravity physics; all contents rush downward drain moving incoming water at a naturally increasing flow speed. Convenient Height 20″ toilets have the advantage of added steeper elevation which is naturally good for a stronger siphonic action. Right after the trap way bend, the route is downward all the way into the drain, with literally no resistance at all. The Convenient Height Co. production plant tested Model S toilet with 3 ping pong tennis balls and additional hard items in the bowl at the same time and it flushed well; additionally, it passed the 800g/1.7lbs. hard artificial waste flush testing.

Toilet Convenient Height Model S Specification Sheet Drawings


I want to install a Bidet on the Model S bowl and need toilet seat mounting hole dimensions
Bidet cleansing seat mounting bowl measurements
Bidet cleansing seat mounting bowl measurements
Actual bidet installation (customer image)
bidet toilet
I am happy to say we really enjoy the other two toilets already installed. The extra height is really nice! We have also installed Bio-Bidet on each toilet as well. I’ve attached a pic as well. – Keith


Can I pick up my Model S toilet?

Yes, the Model S pick up will first be available at our fulfilling location in Holliston, Massachusetts. We are working to add more distribution centers and pick up locations throughout the U.S. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about the pick up option.

Boston City Clerk business registration certificate for Convenient Height Company
Boston City Clerk business registration certificate for Convenient Height Company

How much does the 20 inch high toilet cost?

To review pricing, shipping costs and product information please click here.

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What is a Toilet Rough-In?

How to measure Toilet rough-in
How to measure toilet rough-in: measure from the wall and not the baseboard.

Measure from the wall behind the toilet to the center of one of the floor bolts (the bolts that hold the toilet down). Compare this measurement to the Convenient Height rough-in of 12 inches. If the rough-in at your toilet is equal or longer than 12 inches then our toilet will fit onto your current toilet drain easily. Your rough in can be 13″, 14″ or more (unusual) and as long as it is equal or above 12″ our toilet will fit.

Where are the toilets manufactured?

The Model S 20″ height bowl toilets are produced by a large manufacturing plant in China. The factory has been operating for a decade and is known to provide high quality products. While the Convenient Height uses this large plant, our production line is occupying a small portion of this facility to make the Model S toilets. And since the sizes of 20″ bowl are the first, there is a lot of hand made work involved and this adds a lot more time to the process. As soon as we involve more automation to this new production line, our capacity and speed will grow.

What is an ADA compliant toilet?

It is a toilet that meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines and ANSI A117.1 requirements. Meeting ADA is not a requirement for private residences. Residential new building and remodels can incorporate the ideas in the ADA Standards as guidelines to improve overall functionality. Individual products must be installed according to ADA Standards to maintain compliance. The Convenient Height toilet exceeds ADA toilet height requirements.

Are Convenient Height toilets easy to install?

Convenient Height toilet installation is same as for any standard floor-bolted toilet. We always recommend using a licensed plumbing contractor for the installation.

What are the Model S toilet tank replacement parts?

fluidmaster duo flush

Where to buy Convenient Height Model S toilet replacement parts?

where to buy toilet parts

Will Convenient Height toilet meet 1.28 gallons per flush?

Yes. This decision was made on Earth Day, April 22, 2017, and it was the right thing to do.

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What the materials the toilets are made of?
High density clay which is transformed into higher grade vitreous china/porcelain.

What are two piece toilets?

Toilets are generally offered in two configurations, one piece and two piece designs. Our Convenient Height toilet is a two-piece toilet that has a separate toilet tank and a toilet bowl secured to each other. Two piece toilets (also known as “close coupled toilets”) are the most common type of toilet available. A Convenient Height two-piece toilet with a bolted installation system provides a sturdy, level connection between the toilet water tank and toilet bowl. Two piece toilet designs are the most popular in the world for residential and commercial installations.

Is the toilet bowl elongated?

Yes. The design of our toilet bowl features an elongated-shape toilet bowl for added room and comfort for seating. It is a standard measurement compatible with all elongated toilet seats.

Does the Convenient Height toilet come together with a toilet seat?

Yes. The toilet seat is included. And any elongated toilet seat purchased separately will also match. Elongated toilet seats are available in a wide range of styles and colors.

Will a wax ring come with my toilet?

No, the wax ring is not included and must be purchased separately. A toilet wax ring is a simple part costing about $5.

Is Convenient Height toilet a high quality product?

Yes. We apply strict internal testing and quality control requirements for all of our toilets to ensure you receive the best performing product.

What is Convenient Height toilet flushing type?

Convenient Height toilet has a dual flush option designed to save water by using a minimal amount of water required to clean a 20 inch toilet bowl. The flushing mechanism replacement parts are easily accessible and cost around $25.

How much do the 20 inch Convenient Heigh toilets weigh?

Our 20 inch extra tall Convenient Height toilet weighs under 100 lbs. without safe packaging. Shipping and packing materials add about 10 lbs. to the total weight of the freight.

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