Since 2016, we are the inventor of 20 – 21 inch Extra Tall toilets and the leader in our category. Trusted by thousands of our valued customers in the U.S. and Canada. We ship from Charlotte, NC. Please browse our site and let us know how we can help you.

Tall toilet

Convenient Height® helps to sit down and stand up easier

Invented | designedin Boston, MA
Delivery 2-4 business daysUPS | Fedex
Manufacturer's Warranty
Support Centerin Charlotte, NC
Convenient Height 21″ toilet
Standard Height 15″ toilet

Convenient Height® toilet extra-tall 20-21 inch bowl

Included: dual flush system with solid metal long lever handle and a slow close seat

Convenient Height® tall toilet adds bathroom safety and comfort. Height: 20.5″ (21.5″ with seat)

We now also offer a bidet ($119)


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Fulfilled same or next business day. Delivery via UPS or Fedex.

  • Bowl height from floor to top of rim: 20.5″, top of toilet seat: 21.5″
  • Helps to sit down and stand up easier
  • Eliminates inconvenience of low toilets and elevated riser seats
  • Adds bathroom safety and helps prevent falls
  • Solid metal 3.5 inch long flush lever included.
  • New Generation Dual Flush: 1.28 GPF for solids, 0.9 GPF for liquid (learn more)
  • Slow-close heavy duty toilet seat included
  • Compatible with most elongated bidet cleansing seats
  • Elegant and innovative design easily complements all style bathrooms
  • Structural high load bearing bowl reinforcements. Watersense
  • Rough-in: 12″ standard (fits rough-ins of 11-1/2″ and up)
  • Color: pearl white

Warranty: Our high quality products are guaranteed against defects in chinaware material and workmanship for a period of 3 years. Non-porcelain parts (flush mechanism, seat): standard 1 year warranty.

Shipping: Ships from North Carolina. Delivered in 2-4 business days. To maximize safety in transit each toilet ships in 2 boxes: one box for tank, one box for bowl.

  • Slow-close heavy-duty toilet seat, white;
  • Dual flush complete system with flush valve and fill valve;
  • Metal handle;
  • Tank-to-bowl connector bolts;
  • Floor mounting bolts.
Stunning from Every Angle

Simply elegant timeless design. Tall toilet bowl but compact footprint is suitable for even smaller bathrooms. Solid metal flush handle: large and 3.5″ long, exclusively by Convenient Height, the maker of original extra tall toilets.

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New Generation Dual Flush

Dual flush, made to last mechanism is flapperless for ease of actuation and durability. Lift handle up for less water, press handle down for full 1.28GPF flush

Slow-Closing Heavy Duty Seat

Slow-closing heavy-duty toilet seat with cover is included with our tall toilet. When needed, seat disconnects quickly for cleaning

tall toilets
High Elevation Gravity Flush

With high elevation of toilet bowl trapway, the gravity siphon force is phenomenal in removing all waste with least resistance.

Manufacturer's Warranty

Toilet comes with 3-year warranty against defects in chinaware material and workmanship. 1 year warranty for the moving parts: flush mechanism and toilet seat.

Custom Packaging Safe Delivery

To maximize protection in transit we ship two individual and custom packaged boxes for each toilet: tank box and bowl box. In an unlikely event of any damage, we will ship a part replacement

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What our customers say about Tall Toilet

Here at the Convenient Height® tall toilet company we take pride in making our customers happy

Virginia Cornwell
Virginia Cornwell
Virginia Cornwell
About the Tall Toilet

This company is a god send. These allow people who are in a wheelchair to have a more independent, normal life. This company was a startup and I truly hoped they would make it. I see that they are now doing great, which they deserve. Good job fulfilling a public need when nobody else was. As far as I know this is the tallest toilet out there, by several inches. which makes a difference to people with nerve damage below the waist. Two thumbs up.... More

Tom and Laurie Krawczyk
Tom and Laurie Krawczyk
Tom and Laurie Krawczyk
Toilet Review

I'm mobility challenged with difficulty standing up. I've used attachments to the toilet to assist me, and had this recommended by my handyman. All I can say is WOW! The tall toilet helps, looks great, works even better! And I'm no longer embarrassed to have house guests use my bathroom. They have helped to restore some of the indignities that follow those of us with disabilities. Check out their story on their website. It's an American success story that is worth the read!... More

Marsha Bryant
Marsha Bryant
Marsha Bryant
Toilets with 21 inch height bowl

We purchased two of these toilets. We loved the design and the additional height. The customer service is great we had an issue with the newest toilet and it was resolved with a simple phone call. Great service!

Mike Adams
Mike Adams
Mike Adams
Tall Toilet

I have muscular dystrophy and I needed a taller toilet than the ADA 17” due to severe weak leg muscles. When a regular toilet doesn’t meet your needs you look elsewhere for a solution. I first looked at installing a toilet elevator under the bowl which was $125-$200 (plus, labor to install). So I next chose a cheaper riser under the seat that I tried and used for several years. But these slip and are troublesome to clean. So I came across this 20” toilet from Convenient Height while surfing the Internet. I called and emailed the company several times prior to purchasing and everyone I talked with were very nice and helpful. After dealing with all my concerns I placed an order and received it within 3 days. The toilet arrived without any chipping or breakage. A big box DIY store near me had the exact Convenient Height toilet for $515 with a $40-60 delivery fee. I compared that with buying straight from the manufacturer at $498 with NO shipping fees. Ordering it direct from the manufacturer was a no-brainer for me. I paid a plumber around $235 to install it. I am so glad I went ahead with the purchase. It looks real nice with its clean contour design. But most importantly, it is at the same height as my scooter - very convenient. I am grateful this company realized there was a real need for this type of toilet. Well done. This toilet solves a lot of problems for handicapped people like me that need a higher raised toilet. A side note about their customer service: Eddie helped me with some questions I had (many times) in getting a rebate from my county/state for it being a dual flush/Water Sense toilet. Because Eddie really cares about people he helped me out with this when he didn’t have to. I am so very appreciative. May you guys continue to make life easier for handicapped people, such as myself (or anyone), who needs special help to take care of life's necessities. A very sincere thank you to the Convenient Height family!... More

Nino Cedrone
Nino Cedrone
Nino Cedrone

Toilet company has a very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Within minutes after dealing with all my concerns i placed an order for which i received within 2 days. Instructions made installation a breeze! Very happy with the choice i made to order Tall Toilets from here.

Lisa Culwell
Lisa Culwell
Lisa Culwell

This toilet solves a lot of problems for consumers that need a toilet higher than ADA or comfort height. Customer service (Kelli) was fantastic and quick to resolve my issue today with some shipping damage that occurred to our customer's toilet. The price is higher that a regular toilet, but the only other solution is to install a not-so-pretty toilet raiser under the bowl that costs as much as another toilet! And they leave room for germs and dirt that you or your customer do not want! GREAT PRODUCT!... More

HMS Smith
HMS Smith
HMS Smith
Convenient Height toilet

5 Star Rating for Speed of Shipping, Customer Service Responsiveness, & the toilet itself! Convenient Height Company is new, but they're going to be around a long time. Why? 1) They make a singular great product that: helps people (tall or short, disabled or not); looks beautiful w/its sleek lines; & is convenient. The toilet arrived across country w/in 1 week. My 5'6" plumber was surprised how comfortable the tall toilet is; he thinks it should be in every house. 2) Their Customer Service is awesome! Kelli called an hour after I left a message; she was professional, knowledgable & kind. Eddie emailed w/in an hour of my email request. All this speed of service occurred after purchase & delivery. They're accommodating & nice. Wish I'd thought of being them, but second best is being their customer. Thank you Convenient Height Company!... More

Gary Bauer
Gary Bauer
Gary Bauer
Excellent toilet

Toilet buying was a most excellent shopping experience and very impressed with the extra height and superb quality. Even though the tank was delivered cracked, Eddie did everything to replace what had been broken in transit. It was easily installed by my professional and, being a tall man, has in many ways improved my bathroom experience. If you have knee issues or any arthritic problems, or are tall, you will like this product.... More

Steven Berlin
Steven Berlin
Steven Berlin
Two toilets ordered

We purchased two of these about six months ago. I like to wait and see if problems develop before posting a review. There was no need in this case. Everything so far has been great. The toilets arrived without any problems and earlier than the promised delivery date. The plumber replaced the old ones and installed these without any difficulty. They are infinitely more comfortable and fantastically better looking than the ones we had with 3.5 inch add-on seats on top of the bowl. Also, we can now easily put the seat cover down which required removing the add-on seat on the old ones. By the way, I am 5'5" tall and still find them comfortable if someone is worried about height. As you can guess, we are very pleased and highly recommend these for those needing higher toilets to make getting off them easier.... More

Robert Scolly
Robert Scolly
Robert Scolly
Extra tall toilet experience

Great experience with the people (Eddie/Kelli) at Convenient Height tall toilet company. The product is definitely high quality and with the 20" toilet bowl height I was able to eliminate the need for a toilet chair. My problem was having the time to pick it up but when I explained to Kelli she was willing to open up after hours or even on a Saturday if necessary. I was due a refund and it was immediately posted to my card. Good people with good business sense.... More