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Convenient Height Company Press Release

By Eddie In Convenient Height

(Boston, MA) – ​The average person uses the bathroom six to eight times a day, which can be a chore for the elderly or less mobile as well as veterans, athletes and anyone of above average height. Convenient Height Co., a family-owned company based in Massachusetts, makes the bathroom more convenient and comfortable with the only 20-inch toilet bowl available in the United States.

Exceeding ADA accessibility standards, Convenient Height toilets are a full five inches higher than standard toilets. Available ​online​ and through contractors, the breakthrough product was designed by a healthcare facility manager interested in supporting a range of patient needs.

“You could say that our toilets really go above and beyond to support people who have accessibility issues, struggle with bending their knees or are just taller than average,” said Eddie Win, the founder of the Convenient Height Co. “We are thrilled to be the first to design and produce a toilet bowl of this height and caliber and have appreciated the wonderful customer feedback we continue to receive.”

Convenient Height toilet is the top-ranked consumer toilet available in the United States. Reviews and testimonials are available on the ​Better Business Bureau​ website, Google reviews​, and on Convenient Height’s ​site​.

Offering water economy, Convenient Height toilets also include a dual-flush option and powerful water flow. With an elongated bowl shape, a slow-close seat and a stable base, the toilets are high enough and strong enough for bodies of all shapes and sizes, eliminating the need for raised seats.

“The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home, and it should be accessible, comfortable and easy to use. The Convenient Height 20 to 21 inch toilet bowl offers all of that and more,” Mr. Win added.

About Convenient Height Company

Leading the industry in toilet engineering, Convenient Height Co. developed the first 20-inch toilet bowl, exceeding ADA standards and standard toilet seats. Based in Massachusetts, Convenient Height’s tall toilet bowl supports those with accessibility issues as well as athletes and veterans.

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Philomena Connnors
February 18, 2020

Hi it took me a long time to consider buying this toilet. My knees are shot so the handicap toilet I use now is not tall enough for me to get up easy, so I am going to go for this. I have a plastic raise seat on the toilet right now but its embarrassing because my husband and son have to remove it to use the bathroom so I am going for it. Wish me luck with it. thanks Philomena connors

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