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New design handle and new generation dual-flush are here

By Eddie In Convenient Height

While the phrase “never stop improving” sounds very cliche, the truth is we never stop improving. Convenient Height Co. has been making the World’s first original Tall Toilet better every year since the first production batch in 2016. With small changes in the bowl structure, with a new heavy-duty seat – we make small adjustments based on our research and the feedback from You, our customer.

But to me, the most amazing improvement this year is the launch of the new generation dual-flush system with the most visible accessory – the new solid metal handle.

I have worked on the shape of this flush lever handle for months (and thought about it probably for over a year). It is now finally here. It is perfect! And I am very proud to introduce it to you.

The technical functionality of the handle is the same as our previous dual-flush handles, however the feeling is very different. Let me explain how.

Style, Look and Ergonomic Design

First of all, the size of the handle. As of the year 2020 there is no other Dual-Flush lever of such ergonomic design and the most importantly of this size. There are good examples for single flush system handle (flapper and chain), but there is absolutely nothing like this produced for dual-flush systems. The Convenient Height brand new flush lever is the only one of its kind on the Planet. The 2 inch long lever with an 1.5 inch diameter motion circle equals to 3.5 inch total length – that’s industry’s longest and largest, but designed to Not look bulky.

Principle of Least Effort

Secondly, let’s take a look what’s inside of the tank. And we start with our actuator. The new generation actuator was made to create the Cadillac-like ride for the flush action. Once handle is pressed by you, it transforms your hand motion energy onto the actuator which then initiates the flush valve to perform.

And here the technology was truly improved. Because the handle itself is so much longer it naturally requires a lot less effort to press it (or lift it – since it is dual action flush system). And here is where the principal of least effort begins: onward to the actuator which takes your hand motion energy and sends it to the flush valve with the extreme efficiency. Additionally, the actuator is made to last. It connects to the handle via highly durable connection and stays rigid. Very well engineered components that I am very proud of.

Handle in Action

When system in still position handle stays perfectly horizontal

Press the handle down for a full flush and it will dispense 1.28 gallons per flush

Left handle up for the economy flush of Eco water dispensing of 0.8 gallons per flush

Handle unobstructed by the toilet seat. Handle is easy to access with seat up.

And here is the summary of above.

We will continue listening to YOUR feedback. In large, this improvement was directly inspired by the reviews of our product. As our customers were discussing the older flush systems and levers we produced, I felt we can do better. And I will humbly say, we did.

If you are only thinking about getting your first Convenient Height brand tall toilet, you came to us when we are at our best. If you already have the Convenient Height tall toilet and would like to upgraded it, please contact us and we will let you know how to turn your 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and most of 2020 Model S into the New Generation.


And we are starting to see some good feedback for the new flush system!

Comments (13)

Bill Grogan
November 9, 2020

Looks great, I would like to know what is the wt, and what type of mechanism for flushing? I am 6′ 5″ and the toilets 16-18 inches are a real pain.
on. One more thing, how easy is it to be stopped up.

Eddie Win
November 10, 2020

Hi there Bill! Thanks so much for your comment and your interest!.. We would love to chat with you all about it; and clarify everything you’d like to know about the Convenient Height Tall Toilet. Please give us a call 617-419-0814. We are here and ready to chat Monday-Friday 9-5 EST. We look forward to speaking with you!..
Best wishes to you and your Family — from Massachusetts!

Eddie Win
February 20, 2021


aubrey white
December 3, 2020

I am having problems with the flush handle, can it be bought separately, and do you have instructions for installation?

Eddie at Convenient Height
December 9, 2020

Hello dear Aubrey, the new generation handle will replace your old handle. However, the dual flush mechanism will also need to be replaced. As discussed with our Customer Care team, we are shipping the new system to you. We look forward to your feedback.

May 23, 2021

I am definitely going to buy this toilet but you have to tell me why I can’t install this toilet? I have installed many toilets in my lifetime. I called my plumber friend and he said he never went to Dual-Flush plumbing school and I could install it….Please advise before I buy it…

Eddie Win
May 24, 2021

Hello Joe, thank you for your comment and Thank you in advance for ordering the Convenient Height tall toilet.

The toilet installation completed by a licensed plumber is typically what any and all manufacturers will recommend. None of the manufacturers should state that new plumbing fixtures should be installed without any professional help. This is just the right thing to recommend… However, we understand that very many homeowners elect to install the toilet themselves – especially if they have prior experience and are generally very handy. And we are here to provide assistance with this task (I personally am one of those “handyman” type, do-it-all-myself homeowners!..)

So for the Dual Flush valve installation, we provide instructions and the generally it is not highly complicated if you have install a flush valve of any type before. And we also have a video in our VIDEO section (please click on the Videos Link in the page menu at the top of the website to access) demonstrating the final step of How to connect an actuator to the handle correctly. We discovered this one part can be a “sticking point” during our toilet dual flush valve installation and the video has been a helpful resource.
Please also reach out to us if more information is required – we are here to assist you. You may call us or simply reply to this comment here – or also fill out our contact form right here on the Convenient Height website Contact page. We respond quickly!..

Warm Regards,

– Eddie

Sharon Boyd
June 10, 2021

I’m only able to lift up on the handle, did we install it incorrectly?

Eddie Win
June 11, 2021

Hello dear Sharon,
Thank you for your note and once again thank you for your order of the Convenient Height 20 inch tall toilet. We highly value your business! I know we have already communicated about this via email, but just wanted to add more information about how to best do this. In case another customer would have the same question.
If the handle only does one motion (either just up or down), yes it was installed incorrectly. Please see the video on our website.
One of the videos is for the final step of our flush valve installation specifically, we have our video on youtube as well. You can find it here (link) and select video named: “How To Install Our NEW Dual Flush: Correctly Connecting Actuator & Handle”. Link on our website is:

If you are still having issues, please just let us know. Email or call our Customer Care line, phone # 617-419-0814. We are here to answer your phone calls Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST, and even longer hours for our email support.

Jody Johnson
July 7, 2021

I let my plumber know about this toilet. I am tall and have hip issues. My plumber was going to put in a air pressure flush system comfort toilet — but now I found your 20″ toilet. Air pressure flush system is used by the businesses and stores to give bowl contents a real shove down the plumbing system. My plumber says the the air pressure flush system helps keep the sewer system clear — and that low flush toilets are causing sewer problems. Does your 20″ toilet come with option of air pressure flush?

Eddie Win
July 8, 2021

Hi dear Jody, thank you for your question. As you said in your note, “Air pressure flush system is used by the businesses and stores”.. which in other words means – for toilets in the Commercial setting. Commercial drains are not the same as residential and commercial buildings have more complex plumbing systems. Strong water pressure is needed to push water up multiple floors and with the web of drainage pipes, the same principle of power is for contents going down from sinks and toilets. Please also do not forget the main reason Commercial buildings need pressure assisted toilet flush – in commercial bathrooms, there is a lot more stuff thrown to flush that does not belong in the toilet drain!..
So while technically you can get a pressure assist system for a residential toilet, please ensure your home piping can handle the added air pressure. Your plumber is correct to say “air pressure flush system helps keep the sewer system clear and that low flush toilets are causing sewer problems”. But – can has your residential drain been tested to handle air pressure delivered by air pressure device and do you really need it?..

With our Tall Toilet, there is something we engineered better than many others, and it is a gravity-based powerful flush. Please take a moment to watch videos on our website (link here or our youtube channel) as it relates to toilet flushing. We show how much of contents and how well our Convenient Height tall toilet flushes it all down. A good gravity-based powerful flush (like ours) is much safer for your residential drain pipes than the air-pressure designed for commercial setting. Our bowl is engineered to delivers plenty of pressure to push contents down the drain.

Was this information helpful? Please let me know!

Daniel Cooney
November 20, 2021

We are very interested in a tall toilet but we want a color other than white such as bone, almond, or biscuit. Thank you.

Eddie Win
November 22, 2021

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your comment and interest in the Convenient Height 20 inch extra tall toilet. We highly value your inquiry.

We currently only manufacture and supply the 20 inch extra tall toilet in the Pearl White color… So it is not bright white but more of an off white. We think this is a BEAUTIFUL shade of white and the overall clean look and design is very well complimented by the color choice we made for it …. we are not too shy about that 🙂

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