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Whimsical poem about the Tall Toilet

By Eddie In Convenient Height

We’ve asked Bing AI Copilot (artificial intelligence software by Microsoft) to write a poem about the Tall Toilets. Here is the UNEDITED version.

In the quiet corner of the bathroom,
Where porcelain dreams take shape,
Stands the tall toilet, regal and grand,
A throne for weary souls to escape.

Its seat, a lofty perch for contemplation,
Where thoughts flow like water down the drain,
As we ponder life’s mysteries and constellations,
Flush away worries, cleanse the mundane.

The tank, a reservoir of secrets and stories,
Holding whispered confessions and laughter,
A vessel that fills with each gentle pull,
Releasing burdens, leaving hearts lighter.

And oh, the flush! A thunderous cascade,
A rush of power, a cleansing flood,
As if the universe conspires to wash away
All that clings to us, both bad and good.

So raise a toast to the tall toilet,
A humble fixture with a lofty view,
Where moments of reflection and relief collide,
And we find solace in porcelain blue.

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