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By Eddie In Convenient Height

Dear Friend, 

If you had ever exchanged emails with me, you could likely confirm to the Convenient Height Community how much effort I put into writing emails. I love the process of writing and, while I know I am not the best at it (I tend to make my sentences too long, I overcomplicate the point I am trying to make, I do not have a professional editor), I can assure you this: I write on a personal basis, without using templates, and I take my time. I love communicating with you and building a community around our company. 

When I look at my inbox as it relates to the Convenient Height matters, I see thousands of emails with our Convenient Height customers and buyers. Some are purely technical emails, but some are very personal exchanges of life stories. We talk about family, about what led you to find the Convenient Height tall toilet. Some emails share experiences and advice from brilliant business minds. And I genuinely enjoy the conversations: the reading of the emails, the writing of replies. Some email threads go into 20 replies back and forth! 

I feel my inbox has become a communication line for the wonderful community surrounding our Convenient Height Company. Sometimes emails involve multiple family members and the threads can be hard to navigate, and sometimes I wish the information I share about the product, myself or the company could be more posted publicly and not just contained to our inboxes. 

After two years of thinking about this, we are pleased to introduce our blog, The Community Paper. The Community Paper is where everyone will have an opportunity to participate in the conversation. We have the discussion forum format where your comments and participation are highly anticipated and encouraged; replies will not just be appreciated by us here at the Convenient Height Co., but by thousands who will be visiting and scrolling through the pages of this blog. 

With that in mind, I wanted to encourage all of you to please write on the discussion pages. Please do not limit your text to only 140 characters – there is plenty of space if you need it! And when you write, please feel free to share. Tell us about yourself, about your family, about your current or past work experiences and then if you wish, let us know how the Convenient Height product is helpful in your life, what improvements we should make to the existing product, or what new products you would like us to design. I promise you we will listen and your ideas will be heard. 

The big idea (or should I say the tall idea?) I have is to band together current and future Convenient Height customers and buyers, and your family members who are interested in what we are doing (and how and why) and may want to hear some of our ideas. I will share my background with you and will look forward to learning about yours. For example, to start leading you to the new page in this Community Paper, I wanted to ask: did you know that I spent nearly 10 years working in Assisted and Senior Living in Massachusetts and the Tall Toilet was inspired, literally, by the residents I worked with? I share more of that chapter in my life in the Community Paper.

Your opinion matters and I promise that I will be vividly reading your comments and your replies. The goal I have is to post new updates weekly and sometimes daily, so please check back often. 

Thanks for reading my first post in The Community Paper. What do you think about it? How do you like the blog design? Please share your insights below – I look forward to reading your thoughts!

Warm regards, 

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