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This is when Toilets are referred to as Thrones!

tall Toilet thrones wooden seat
Tall Toilet Thrones with a custom wooden toilet seat (Image by the customer Josukibit)

We bought our current home a couple of years ago after retiring. It’s a cabin in the woods and the toilet was very small. My husband was embarrassed if visitors had to use our bathroom. Anyways, my hubby is 5’9″. He wanted a Big man toilet and I found him this.

We hired our plumber to install it(…). After two hours, the job was done.

We ordered a 7″ poop stool to get a better position when sitting.

The flush is nice and powerful. We like the dual flushing option. Overall we are happy with this purchase!

I replaced the seat with a wooden one to help the white blend in better.

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