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10 Benefits of Toilets with tall height (high seat) bowl

Physical Therapy Tall toilet with 20 21 inch king height toilet helps sit down stand up
Tall toilet with 20 21 inch bowl is like a Physical Therapist who helps us sit down and stand up!

Statistics show that around 1 in 3 adults over 65 who live at home will have a minimum of one fall a year, and about half of these will have more frequent falls. The startling frequency of falls for those in this age bracket means that it’s crucial to make your home more mobility-friendly so as to prevent any falls from taking place.

One of the areas of a house where falls frequently take place is the bathroom, and more specifically when someone uses the toilet. Having a low height (standard) toilet means that we have to lower ourselves down further, and this means the likelihood of slipping increases. Managing toileting activities is a very personal task and being safe while using one should be a given.

Whether we or someone we are caring for is living with a mobility impairment, such as arthritis, there are ways you can reduce the risk of falls by turning your bathroom into a disability bathroom. While obvious choices may include additions such as grip rails, non-slip mats, walk-in baths or walk-in showers, another incredibly useful solution is to include a high toilets in our bathrooms.

Having a tall toilet leads to a higher elevated seating which is a great mobility addition to our bathroom, as it lowers this risk of us falling, giving us a much greater sense of independence when looking after our hygiene. It really shouldn’t be a luxury to feel confident and safe when using the toilet, and so a high toilet is a must-have for anyone experiencing this issue and concerned at all.

With the above in mind, here are the 10 Benefits of using a Convenient Height toilets with tall height (high seat) bowl:

1. Tall (higher than 20 inches) toilets with grab bars add stability

We may choose to opt for a high toilet with or without grab bars (grab rails). However, it is highly recommended that tall toilet would be accompanied by some additional support if we still feel we may need some extra help with our mobility.

2. Toilets with extra height seat add confidence using bathroom

The added height will put less stress on our joints such as your knees and help you stand easier as well. The overall outcome should be increased confidence when using the bathroom.

3. High toilets are safer to sit down on

Tall toilet increases safety sitting down as we are provided with a durable base for sitting, making rising easier to sit down, helping you avoid slips and falls. If you position additional grab rails close to the toilet, it will help you move around the bathroom with added safety and less risk.

4. Toilets with tall bowl help to get up easier

Tall toilet is easier to get up from helping us avoid slips and falls. If we position additional grab rails close to the toilet, it will help us move around the bathroom with added safety and less risk.

5. They provide reduced the squatting position stress

Raised toilets relieve our joints from any added pressure. Those who suffer from arthritis tend to find it very difficult to bend joints. It isn’t an easy task, and it can be very painful as sufferers can experience severe discomfort. The extra high elevation toilet will also reduce the squatting position we usually have when we use the toilet, making it overall much more comfortable too.

6. Convenient Height toilets fit easily to replace old toilet

Convenient Height makes toilets that are simple to install, and it does not require much work. Not only is it easy to fit, but it’s also easy to clean too – less bending to wipe the top off! Give it a quick wipe down with a toilet disinfectant or an antibacterial wipe, and you’re good to go.

7. Reduced impact on joints

Impact on joints is often a concern for people living with mobility-related conditions, and in some cases any excess use of joints can cause significant pain and discomfort.

For someone who experiences inflammation of the joints, such as people living with arthritis, minimising how far they need to bend their knees and hips can make the overall experience less painful and uncomfortable.

8. Better care taker safety

It’s not only someone who is being cared for that is at risk of injury when using the bathroom. For those who are assisted by a carer, there is the added possibility that the carer may also slip or fall while assisting a patient.

9. Easier to transfer from toilet to wheelchair

The height distance between sitting and standing is reduced, ultimately making it easier for carers to transfer more safely.

10. Increased confidence to use unassisted

Using the bathroom is a very private matter, so wherever possible, people would prefer to make their visits unassisted. A raised toilet seat can help people to maintain their independence while still looking out for their safety.

Not only does this offer a confidence boost, but also supports the wellbeing of a patient by reducing the risk of falls or slips when using the toilet.

Who benefits from high toilet seats?

High toilets might seem like an obvious choice for those among us who are taller, however anyone who experiences mobility issues, especially elderly people or those living with a disability will benefit from a raised toilet seat.

Reducing the height the user needs to bend to reach the seat will limit impact on joints and provide a safer and more comfortable experience.

What should you consider?

Toilet lid or no toilet lid on the seat; Current toilet drain rough-in (usually it is 12 inch rough-in) your plumber will advise you about this but please find Rough-In information on our pages; Should you have a bidet with the Convenient Height tall toilet?

Summary of Benefits of tall (high) toilets

A high toilet seat or toilet can make a huge difference in your ability to use the bathroom independently. Additionally, as this allows you to be more independent, it may take a little pressure off from your care taker or nurse. Convenient Height brand tall (high) toilets are easy to install and use too. If you tall, or suffer from pain or limited mobility, these devices are an affordable way to get rid of bathroom embarrassment.

The benefits of a high toilet can really make a difference to our routine. It’s an important feature to have, that will help reduce toileting worries or concerns. Let’s give ourselves peace of mind!. Feel free to request more information by contacting Convenient Height tall toilet company today!

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