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If you have a mobility limitation with your legs, this can be a major improvement to quality of life. It is tall enough that when you go to stand, you can rely on handrails and upper body strength to boost and steady yourself. A regular height bowl, for many, requires a lot of knee stability and quad muscle to “launch” yourself upright. However, if you have muscle damage or nerve damage or severe arthritis, that kind of “launch” is not an option. Rather than rely on a commode, this toilet allows you to use a walker to access your bathroom and then transition from standing to what I would call a high-chair or bar-stool sitting posture. You can remain independent and do your business, and then return to upright walking posture with basic hand grips. The bowl is very stable, unlike the rickety tower of add-on seats that some try to use to gain height. Also, there is good separation from the seat to the water level, so if you need to use mechanical aids for hygienic reasons, you will not contaminate them with bowl liquid. It would be well advised to set a commode at the height of this bowl and see how you feel about it — sort of a test drive.

OK, now some cautions. First, as it is extra tall, your floor must be level. If your floor is off level, be sure your plumber brings a real shim kit to level the bowl (not wood shims, or washers, or quarters but a real flange and shim kit. I have found that the bowl seals well with both traditional wax rings and newer foam “donuts.”

Be sure you tell your plumber to bring an extended fill pipe or hose. I needed a 20″ line for the installation I had done.

The dual mode flush handle had, in the model I received, a square opening in the tank and so it mounted very securely with a back-nut and washer and was easy to index. The handle operates something like a throttle cable or pentaflex cable where a stiff inner wire moves to and fro and a rigid outer sheath remain in place. Do not allow that cable to be kinked during un-boxing.

The tank mounts securely. There is a rubber gasket that must be properly applied, but the instructions are very clear about this and my plumber had no trouble putting it into place. When properly applied, the tank has two nylon bolts that attach it to the bowl. As they are gasketed on the inside of the tank, my plumber told me the trick is not to tighten from the inside of the tank (the fasteners have a slotted head), but use a specialty four-point crown wrench from the bottom and just stabilize the bolt with a screw driver. This brings the tank into solid mechanical connection with the bowl.

As for the dual flush, my plumber said it was all standard “guts” and he said the included parts were of good home-owner grade quality.

The energy of the flush on this thing is fantastic. I am old enough to remember having a 5 gallon flush toilet in my first house. This unit rivals that with a satisfying slosh and gurgle that makes you want to keep an eye on the family cat lest it be drawn-in during the ensuing suction. In candor, even low volume flush inmthis will handle many solids, but high volume fully evacuates the bowl. I cannot image what you could do in this thing that would ever require a second flush.

The tank lid fits firmly and mates well to the tank. The seat that comes with it is middle-of-the road quality, but you will likely do what I did and have a specialty seat installed. If you order this toilet, you are kind of opting-in to a customized fixture set-up.

The person I had this installed for found it very reliable and its height and features gave them a big increase in independence. (I had two installed, one from Amazon).

The shipping packaging is good, but if you are asked to sign for a shipment (comes as 2 boxes), be sure there are no intrusions or penetrations to the cardboard. One person can un-box, but it was much safer when I gave the plumber a hand.

Although I know a bit about plumbing and have replaced a regular toilet before, I would say (especially due to warranty) that this would be best served by a professional install vs. DIY.

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Greg S Conard
March 11, 2020

can you recommend a certified plumber in the milwaukee wi area who has successful experience installing these toilets? i am ready to order…just need the qualified plumber. great information. thanks.

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