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New meaning of Home in uncharted territory of 2020-2021

The sound of hammers and power tools is roaring in America’s neighborhoods. And very possibly, there was a project also happening at your own home this year. Or you very likely have something of that nature planned for 2021. I know I personally have spent a lot of time and energy in 2020 “flipping” a bathroom. And checking-off the list of long delayed handyman improvements all around the house. A full arsenal of my carpentry knowledge picked up throughout years in construction on Nantucket and Boston came handy. As well as learning all these new skills I did not even know I needed or could learn. I also had to use all of my contractor management skills gained after 10 years at senior living community and facility management to coordinate what may look as some truly minor house improvement work. But boy was I sweating!. Even a small house project can become harder than it needs to be. At least for me it felt this way for a few months. I was trying to do everything faster than I would have liked and had to incorporate as much as I could (and more) into my day.

It is not breaking news anymore, but we all feel like there’s a big reset happening, where we all are focusing more on our family and our homes. And seems so are our neighbors. That feeling is not out of the thin air. There is plenty of scientific data confirming the sense of home projects going on everywhere. The all around inward direction of daily life is an accurate reflection of a reality. Our lifestyle bubbles have become so much smaller…

Business reporters all over the media tell us there was a reported 40%-50% annual increase in the home remodeling projects this year. Bathroom remodeling has always been a popular home upgrade choice, but 2020 saw a major jump in demand and 2021 will continue the trend. As soon as COVID hit, we all needed someplace better to stay, someplace better to sleep and, hey – someplace better to go the bathroom!.. (and here is where our Tall Toilet comes in, of course).

We all have been forced to use our houses more — and differently. Sheltering at home clearly influenced everybody. More than three-quarters of all U.S. homeowners say they had done some type of home improvement project during the pandemic or are seriously considering getting some work done in 2021. If you had a need to speak to any contractor this year I will bet they’ve told you that throughout of “measured history” of their lifetime of trades and work performed, the year 2020 had the highest levels of home improvement demand they’ve ever seen. Clearly that was an indisputable message I was getting and my own experiences of calling for tradesmen for help have been stressful. The difficulty of getting a plumber or a tile installer, or anybody really was striking and I needed them more then that needed me!.. Oh well, I only had to do more myself and now I can say that results of my work were rewarding eventually.

In the year 2020, of course stating the obvious here, the flow of our movements and habits have changed. We are not going out to restaurants, not going on vacations and suddenly all that activity was transformed into adding the financial and time-measured value back into our homes. When everything (well, mostly) we used to enjoy and visit closed or became highly limited, we all of a sudden had more confidence in our homes as investments. Homeowners of age at around 40 (yours truly still while barely fits into this age bracket!) are the ones most likely to have completed projects this year. Though more than half of baby boomers (like my Father) have done home improvement work, too. The top motivators are “finally having the time”, or we truly “have no other choice” but to add something new to the home and, finally, making the home feel more of value to us, cozier, more comfortable and more convenient.

For someone who creates products with the keyword “Convenient” in our name (Convenient Co. LLC and the Convenient Height brand), I added even more focus in making the already stressful-enough year of 2020 as minimally nerve-racking for our customers. Our customer satisfaction grew this year! Here are just a couple of examples from our Better Business Bureau reviews – please click here to see:

And by the way, you may also click here to read reviews on our Google Business listing

“If you, our dear customer, only knew how much these 5-star reviews mean to our team. We thank you very much for every single one of them!” – Eddie

If you, our dear customer, only knew how much these 5 star reviews mean to us, thank you

When it came to getting our product ordered and delivered, or any technical issues resolved, we were maximizing our attention to our customer demands. I personally check and reply to our customer emails 7 days a week. First of all, this has become a habit for me long before 2020. But we do this to show our communication strategy is urgent and that we are well prepared to demonstrate we are adjusted and ready every day in the times of change. So if you email us over the weekend with a pressing issue, you will get a response from me of at least starting the conversation. I may not be able to resolve it that day, but I will gather as much information I can over the weekend, so that we could act accordingly when Monday comes.

No matter how cliché the expression these unprecedented times may sound we are in uncharted territory. Humanity has of course seen other seismic events, but something as novel as this new pandemic can’t be described easily. Not many people, if any at all, have experienced anything like this. And in the unsettling times, the process of settling better in the place we spend more time is comforting. That place is your home. And from everyone here at the Convenient Height I say gratefully: we are very thankful you have chosen our brand and our products to add to comfort and convenience for your home, mainly in your bathroom.

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