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How to use Store Locator tool to find Tall Toilet

By Eddie In Convenient Height

Store locator tool on our website is a helpful resource. As we are expanding our Partnership network, we add stores, plumbing companies and showrooms featuring our Tall Toilet, to our Store Locator tool. The link to Tall Toilet Store and Showroom Locator tool is in the Menu, at the top of the website.

Here is a brief introduction of how to use the Tall Toilet Store Locator tool. In this particular example, we are searching for Stores and Showrooms displaying within 50 mile radius of Miami, Florida. And here is how:

How to use the Store locator tool
How to use the Store locator tool

If you need more information about our Store and Showrooms, or Store Locator tool, please simply call or email us

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Christy hartig
July 6, 2021

I live in Oceanside ca recently disabled. Medd a ta tidy. Do you have any showrooms or distributors in my area?

Eddie Win
July 7, 2021

Hello dear Christy, thank you for your note here. For the closest location to your home at Oceanside California, we have a showroom displaying our Tall Toilet in Grand Terrace CA. Our toilet is displayed at WinSupply Riverside Winnelson Company, 22075 Commerce Way, Grand Terrace CA. The WinSuply will also assist you with the sale and pick up.

Paula Barnicoat
July 6, 2021

will a washlet seat fit be compatible with the convenient height toilet? Also, do you install? I’m in Winthrop, MA

Eddie Win
July 7, 2021

Hello dear Paula, thanks for the note and your interest in our Tall Toilet. Very many of our Convenient Height customers decide to add a bidet to the Tall Toilet. Nearly 40% of all customers purchase a bidet for added convenience. Our tall toilet + added bidet is known to be a Powerful Combination of Convenience. We we made our toilet highly compatible to nearly all bidets manufactured according to the general bidet fit standards. Prior purchasing a bidet, please review the measurements here shown in the drawings and compare to the measurements outlined in the bidet specification sheet.
To see our bowl measurements, you may click on the link here and select “Bidet mounting hole dimensions” in the Q-A selection menu.
Please let me know if this answers your question or if more information is needed. Thank you!

Darlene Gerhardt
July 7, 2021

Do you have any stock in Canada, Toronto?

Eddie Win
July 7, 2021

Hello dear Darlene, thank you for your note here. The tall toilet can be purchased directly from us. We ship to Canada customers all the time – our product is slowly but surely becoming very popular in Canada.
We currently fulfill from the U.S, for our Canada customers. The shipping fee paid at the check out includes Canada customs import fees. Our Canada customers do NOT pay any additional import fees once delivery is made (we pay the import fees to Canada via the our shipping carrier brokerage, usually via our UPS). So the price paid at your check-out is the final price for the purchase as it includes the Canada customs import fees.
Your tall toilet order for Canada delivery can be placed here:
And please simply select Canada shipping.

Please let me know if more information is required.

Matt Dorros
July 8, 2021

What is the measurement from my bathroom floor to the top of the toilet tank? Please let me know. Thank you.

Eddie Win
July 31, 2021

Hello dear Matt,
The total measurement of the whole toilet (not just the bowl) when taking a measurement from the floor to the top of the tank is 36-1/2″. The bowl alone, of course, is 20 inches and with the toilet seat it is 21″. To learn more about all the measurements please go to:

February 12, 2022




Eddie Win
February 13, 2022

Hello dear John,

Thank you for your message and interest in the Convenient Height tall toilet.
Response about ROUGH-IN:
Our toilet will fit on the 15 inch rough-in well.

While our Rough-in is 12″ standard, our toilet fits rough-ins of 11-1/2″ and up (distance from the wall to the floor mounting bolts of 11-1/2″ is the very minimum requirement). If the rough-in for your toilet is equal or more than 12 inches then our toilet will fit onto your current toilet drain easily. Your rough-in can be 13″, 14″ or 15″ (they all will accept our toilet). As long as it is equal or above 12″ our toilet will fit. The only difference is the gap behind the toilet to the wall is bigger, equally to your measurements larger than 12 inches. So for a 15 inch rough-in the gap behind the toilet is going to be about 3-4 inches, and that is all.

Measure from the wall behind the toilet to the center of one of the floor bolts (the bolts that hold the toilet down). Compare this measurement to the Convenient Height rough-in of 12 inches.

To order the Tall Toilet, you can purchase it right here on our website using BUY NOW button or ORDER button.

May 11, 2022

Are they available in Phoenix Az

Eddie Win
May 12, 2022

Hi Richard, we ship across U.S. and we do ship to Arizona a lot. So you can most certainly get our product delivered to your home in Phoenix.
To order the Tall Toilet, you can purchase it right here on our website using BUY NOW button or ORDER button.

July 8, 2022

Will any standard toilet seat fit as I find the one supplied uncomfortable? Also what happens if product comes in broken, who pays return postage?

Eddie Win
July 8, 2022

Hello Joe, Thank you for your message about the 20 inch Extra Tall Toilet by Convenient Height. We value your business.

Short answer: We, the Convenient Height Co., will pay for the replacement if anything arrives damaged.
Long answer: About our packaging. Our packages will withstand a good beating in transit under normal circumstances. No 6 foot high drops, but a normal in-transit experience for the boxes. No mishandling or crushing by the forklifts or unreasonable weight over the boxes. The bowls and tanks are encapsulated inside of the custom formed foam capsules. Everything then is enclosed inside of the heavy duty cardboard boxes. Since we learned the shipping the hard way, we invested in custom packaging which you will be able to review upon the arrival of the product. The normal level of damage risk remains, but if any toilet can be delivered safely without a crate, it is ours – with a bit of luck.

About the seats:
Please click here:

Thank you!

Eddie at the Convenient Height Co.

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