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Back in Stock at Home Depot and Amazon

By Eddie In Convenient Height

UPDATED: we are now back in stock at Home Depot and Amazon.

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We watched in amazement and gratitude the orders for our product coming from The Home Depot and Amazon online stores. Our customer demand has exceeded our supply temporality and we are currently out of stock on both Amazon and Home Depot. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience. We are manufacturing at our increased capacity to keep up with the demand. Our online store right on this website, while in limited supply, has our Tall Toilets in stock. We are open and accepting orders via our website online store and fulfillment takes place the next business day.

amazon and home depot
Amazon and Home Depot trucks delivering.
  • UPDATED: we are now back in stock at Home Depot and Amazon *

During the first months of the 2021 we held a similar production output of the Convenient Height tall toilet as we did in 2020. However, we completely underestimated the volume of purchases which would come from the customers shopping for our product. Our manufacturing capacity is getting increased exponentially and we will be back to The Home Depot stores and Amazon within a month. Thank you for your support!

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Eddie Win
May 6, 2021

Dear friends, the production output of the Convenient Height tall toilet is progressively increasing to meet the order demand. Thank you for your patience while we return back to The Home Depot stores and Amazon.

Eddie Win
June 7, 2021

UPDATED: we are now back in stock at Home Depot and Amazon.

George Eads
September 17, 2022

Will your toilet accommodate a bidet? (Specifically, a Toto Wash-a-Let)

Eddie Win
September 17, 2022

Hi George, thank you for your question here. Yes, Convenient Height tall toilet will absolutely accommodate a bidet. To learn more of the measurements, please simply visit:
and click on the following dropdown menu questions/answers:

– Measurement Specification Drawings for Tall Toilet Model S

– Bidet mounting hole dimensions

This is partial response, please click on the link above for measurements:

“Very many of our Convenient Height customers decide to add a bidet to the Tall Toilet. Nearly 40% of all customers purchase a bidet for added convenience. Our tall toilet and bidet is known to be a Powerful Combination of Convenience. We made our toilet highly compatible with nearly all bidets manufactured according to the general bidet fit standards. Prior purchasing a bidet, please review the measurements here shown in the drawings and compare them to the measurements outlined in the bidet specification sheet.”

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