Measurement Specification Drawings for Tall Toilet Model S

20 inch Extra Tall Toilet. Convenient Height bowl taller than ADA

Heating baseboard behind tall toilet

Toilet 20 inch Extra Tall by Convenient Height bowl taller than ADA Comfort Height

Heating baseboard behind toilet - will it work?

Yes. With a baseboard heater behind the toilet Convenient Height 20 inch extra tall toilet will work. We made the drawing on this subject
Heating baseboard behind toilet

Actual height of a Convenient Height toilet without and with a toilet seat?

Without a toilet seat: Convenient Height toilet bowl measurement is 20 inches (50 centimeters) when measured from the floor to the top of the toilet bowl rim. With a toilet seat: most of the standard toilet seats are 1 to 1.5 inch high (not including the seat cover) and a Convenient Height toilet Model S with a toilet seat measures 20-21 inches from the floor to the top of any regular style elongated toilet seat.

Bidet mounting hole dimensions

I am happy to say we really enjoy the other two toilets already installed. The extra height is really nice! We have also installed Bio-Bidet on each toilet as well. I’ve attached a pic as well.
— Keith
Bowl Base measurements (Tall Toilet bottom floor tile cover)

Our Tall Toilet base measurements help determine if your existing toilet footprint will be covered. Our toilet base is considered to be large and covers more sq. inches than other toilets.  Mostly, bathrooms have tile laid around the plumbing drain, which means your new tall toilet will cover tile in full, not leaving any gaps. The measurements were drawn to show about 1 inch less on purpose to leave 1 inch for safe measure.

Tall Toilet floor coverage specification drawings about our 20 - 21 inch extra tall toilets.

Tall Toilet floor coverage specification drawings about our 20 - 21 inch extra tall toilets.
Tall Toilet floor coverage specification drawings about our 20 – 21 inch extra tall toilets
How much do the 20 inch Convenient Heigh toilets weigh?

Our 20 inch extra tall Convenient Height toilet weighs under 100 lbs. without safe packaging. Shipping and packing materials add about 10 lbs. to the total weight of the freight.

How to measure toilet rough-in: measure from the wall and not the baseboard.

Measure from the wall behind the toilet to the center of one of the floor bolts (the bolts that hold the toilet down). Compare this measurement to the Convenient Height rough-in of 12 inches. Rough-in: 12″ standard. Fits rough-ins of 11-1/2″ and up (distance from the wall to the floor  mounting bolts of 11-1/2″ is the very minimum requirement) If the rough-in at your toilet is equal or longer than 12 inches then our toilet will fit onto your current toilet drain easily. Your rough in can be 13″, 14″ or more (unusual) and as long as it is equal or above 12″ our toilet will fit.

Is the tank lined?

Thank you for your interest in the Convenient Height tall toilet and Thanks for your question about out toilet tank. Our tank is made of very high quality porcelain/ceramics and does not come with a lined tank. Lined tank is otherwise known as a tank with Anti-Condensation Toilet Tank Liner. If you live in the hot and high humidity climate and your toilet tank does “sweat”, we know there are Anti-Condensation Toilet Tank Liner Kits (sold for around $15 and manufactured by other companies, not ours) with following features: The toilet tank anti-condensation liner kit helps prevent water from forming on the outside of a tank by creating a barrier between the warm outside air and cold water inside the tank. Thank you for your question. Was our response helpful?..
If there is anything else we can help with please ask anytime! Eddie at the Convenient Height Co.

Is toilet bowl trap-way glazed?

Yes, it the bowl trapway is fully glazed.

What is the measurement from the rim to the water level? Many manufacturers can't tell me what the number is, but for my husband it is important.

This is a very popular question about the Convenient Height brand 20 -21 inch tall toilet. When measuring from top of the rim down to the surface of water, the distance is 8-9 inches. When measuring from water surface up with a toilet seat lowered, distance gains one more inch from water surface (waterline) to the top of the toilet seat, making the water surface (waterline) distance to the top of the seat up to 10 inches. Another, different toilet bowl water level measurement is when measuring water amount level at the bottom of the bowl. This toilet bowl water level is measured from the bottom of the visible part of the trap bend to the water surface – and this measurement is about 5 inches. One may wonder, if the bowl height is 20 inches, top of the rim down to the water surface distance is around 10″, bottom trap bend to water surface is about 5″ – where did the 5 inches go in this 20-inch Convenient Height toilet?.. The answer is: we built the trap at the elevation of 5 inches, which works from bowl strength engineering standpoint and allows for added height/gravity power for a better speed of the siphonic flush action down the drain, literally! If you have any other questions or need clarifications on this Amazon Answer about Convenient Height toilets, please reply to this post or submit your own question. Thanks!