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Toilet Photo and Video

By Eddie In Toilet

The Future of Tall Toilets: Re-Envisioning the Throne during Toilet Photo and Video Shoot in our Charlotte, North Carolina HQ and fulfillment center

Photo shoot Re-Envisioning the Tall toilet Throne by the Convenient Height
Photo shoot: Re-Envisioning the Tall Toilet Throne. The creative production team is recording a new product video at the Convenient Height HQ Tall Toilet Fulfillment Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Shooting a video and photos for our new toilet model were surprisingly creative! Here’s how Convenient Height creative production crew makes it visually interesting

Setting the Scene:

  • Two Settings:
    • Showroom: Here in Charlotte, North Carolina we have a beautiful, modern showroom with clean lines, white trim and or neutral tone grey painted walls which allow our pearl white color toilet to become the focal point.
    • Fulfillment Center Studio Setup: Our production team created a minimalist white drop background using white seamless paper or fabric. This allows for close-up shots and controlled lighting.

Showcasing the Product:

  • Multiple Angles: We captured our new tall toilet close-up shots of the toilet’s sleek design, highlighting features like innovative lines, contours and curves making it very special. While our tall toilet height of 20- 21 inches is already known in the industry, we always ensure to bring attention to this Convenient Height feature.
  • Focus on Benefits: We used a sit down and get up action to zoom in and to emphasize the comfort of the Extra Tall 21.5 inch Overall Toilet height with the seat on.

Creative Concepts:

  • Stop-Motion Animation: We used this approach to show close-up details of the installation process.
  • Tall vs. Regualar Height: We have a prop regular height toilet here which we use in the front to front, and side to side shots to offers our customers a superior front row seat to see how standard toilets are so much lower than our Convenient Height tall toilet and how transformative our product is for each and every bathroom it is installed in.

Lighting is Key:

  • Soft, Diffused Light: Our video and photo production crew brings special lighting to avoid harsh shadows and create a clean, inviting look. Use softboxes or bounce lighting for both photo and video.
  • Highlight Features: Use spotlights to emphasize specific design elements or metal handle lever chrome finishes.


  • For Video sound: We use clear, crisp and inspiring music and we usually only use verbal audio in the secondary and supplemental videos. Our main video for our product extra tall toilet Model S has a cool music track that (together with the video views) has been listened to by the millions ears via all of our supply sales and video channels – that’s a music hit on its own!

To put in a nutshell, our new Convenient Height brand extra tall toilet product video and photo shoot for your toilet is meant to be both informative and visually engaging. We hope you enjoy it!

Bathroom Revolution 2024 with our New Revolutionary Toilet Design

Toilet Photo shoot: Re-Envisioning the Throne. The creative production team is recording a new product video at the Convenient Height HQ Tall Toilet Fulfillment Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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