Replacement parts

What are the Model S toilet tank replacement parts?

Convenient Height toilet installation is same as for any standard floor-bolted toilet. We always recommend using a licensed plumbing contractor for the installation.

Where to buy Convenient Height Model S toilet replacement parts?

Can I replace flush and handle with traditional single flush from hardware or plumbing store?

Short answer:
Here is more information:
The Convenient Height tank parts are all available or interchangeable with the majority of 2 inch flush valves – single or dual flush. Some of our customers go right to getting their own single flush valve. For example if someone would like a special type of high end flush lever accessory and there are lot more flush lever/handle options available than dual flush. This toilet can be installed with the 2 inch size single flush valve and the handle can be chosen from high selection for this type of the flush. So there is no restriction to having to use supplied flush parts. For installations when the plumber feels they are more comfortable using the more conventional flush mechanism, utilizing the single flush mechanisms (the old school way – with the flapper and chain) is very common. We even made a video showing how this single flush mechanism works with our Tall Toilet. Only if that is needed the plumber can review this video. Some plumbers are more comfortable to utilize the single flush and we want our customer to know that replacement parts do not have to be specifically as supplied. We use the 2 inch flush valve and the opening in the tank is a 2 inch opening. Having said that, nearly all 2 inch flush valves will fit this tank.
Here below is the video link on youtube (you may need to copy and paste this link into the browser or simply search for video “Single Flush Valve (Optional) for Convenient Height 20 inch Extra Tall Toilet”)

Whose flush valve and ballcock do you use, and are repair parts easily obtained?

Yes, repair parts are easily obtained for this toilet. Convenient Height 20 inch height toilet tank parts provided initially are fully compatible with standardized toilet parts available for 2-Inch Flush Valve Toilets. Toilet repair parts are easily obtained and interchangeable with 2 inch Flush Valve Replacement Kits widely available at hardware stores across the U.S. Technically, a pro plumber could even change out our current Dual Flush UPC rated mechanism with a single flush 2″ flush valve for a wider toilet lever handle selection (dual flush mechanisms do not have as many handle design choices as single flush levers, but our toilet is technically very universal to personalize with different flush handles or toilet seats if preferred). More information: Convenient Height provided flush valve and ballcock (float valve) are UPC rated and 1.28 GPF compliant (UPC – American National Standard, the Uniform Plumbing Code). This 20 inch height toilet is Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters certified in full.

Water supply line

The supply line fitting on the fill valve is pretty standard here and our fill valve will take 7/8″ ballcock when it goes straight onto our full valve without the adapter. For the shut off valve, it all depends on the shut off valve dimensions but compression fitting is 3/8″ usually.
The image attached is a supply line we use in the showroom, but it is not limited to just this type of water supply line:

Toilet supply line