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Parts + Accessories

Dual flush mechanism parts
Toilet seat order

Please click here to order our new toilet seat


  • Our newer and heavier duty seat
  • Direct upgrade for our earlier toilet seats
  • Slow close seat and slow close lid prevents slamming
  • Hinge designed for easy cleaning
  • Grip-tight bumpers prevent the seat from shifting
  • Medium to heavy duty weight rating
  • Shipping included for the Continental U.S.
Toilet tank replacement or Toilet bowl Replacement

For the toilet tank replacement or toilet bowl replacement, the parts can be ordered. Please contact us directly.


Can I replace flush and handle with traditional single flush from hardware or plumbing store?

Short answer:
Here is more information:
The Convenient Height tank parts are all available or interchangeable with the majority of 2 inch flush valves – single or dual flush.

If you would like a specific color and shape flush lever (for toilet flush handle to perfectly match the bathroom vanity hardware, for example), there are lot of flush lever/handle options available for a single flush. This toilet can be installed with the 2 inch size single flush valve and the handle can be chosen from a selection for this type of the flush hardware – sold by any showroom or hardware store. So there is no restriction to having to use supplied flush parts.

We made a video showing how this single flush mechanism works with our Tall Toilet.

The particular set-up shown in the video feature: Single flush valve (Everbilt 1000 308 432) with a heavy duty handle (Fluidmaster 690N-012). Both were purchased at Home Depot.


Fill Valve

The fill valve is responsible for refilling the tank after being flushed. As the water level goes down the float on the fill valve goes down to allowing water to flow into the tank. Over time a worn out valve can cause a leak. If your fill valve leaks or if water continues to run after flushing it may be time to replace the fill valve. Fill valves can be purchased at your local hardware stores. Our Convenient Height Fill Valve is 1″ diameter.

Water supply line

The supply line fitting on the fill valve is pretty standard here and our fill valve will take 7/8″ ballcock when it goes straight onto our full valve without the adapter. For the shut off valve, it all depends on the shut off valve dimensions but compression fitting is 3/8″ usually.
The image attached is a supply line we use in the showroom, but it is not limited to just this type of water supply line:

Toilet supply line

Spacers for gap behind tank


Secure A Tank is a toilet tank brace which helps prevent tank wobble and damage from unwanted toilet movement
Secure A Tank is a toilet tank brace which helps prevent tank wobble and damage from unwanted toilet movement

Secure-A-Tank is a toilet tank brace which helps prevent tank wobble and damage from unwanted toilet movement. It’s an affordable option and double pack secures 2 toilets. This tank brace can be order at Home Depot

  • Safeguards “the gap
  • Stop any wobbles
  • Easy 3 step installation – measure, cut, snap in place
  • Double pack – secures 2 toilets
  • Acts as a toilet tank anchor


Toilet tank "sweating" from condensation
For toilet tank “sweating”: this means you have a very cold water in the supply line and higher humidity at home. Changing the environment in your bathroom to discourage this process can reduce or eliminate a sweaty toilet. It can also help preserve the condition of your bathroom floor.
Mechanical options are: 1) turn on exhaust fan when you take a shower; 2) use a portable dehumidifier to dry out the bathroom; 3) an air conditioner is a great dehumidifier. If the air mechanical treatment functionalities are not there (air dehumidifier or air conditioning are not available), there is a product with a solution for stopping your toilet from sweating. It is called a toilet tank anti-condensation liner (we are including the link to one of the options, but your local plumbing store may have a different or better liner).  Please note, liners will have an ADJUSTABLE FIT: Easy-to-adjust size by cutting the closed cell foam material liner to fit the inside shape of your toilet tank. We have installed one before, and just a few cuts with scissors help conform to the shape of the tank. Before  installing, please also review the instructions that come with the liner. One of the points usually is a requirement for the tank to be completely dry prior attaching the liner inside of the tank.
Anti-Condensation Toilet Tank Liner Insulation Kit
One example of the Anti-Condensation Toilet Tank Liner Insulation Kit.
Prior to deciding on the tank insulation, I would try to see if there is a way to eliminate as much humidity from the air as possible – it is sometimes as simple as closing the windows or cooling off the room, so the cold water supply line and room temperature ratio is a less.
Here is another WikiHow about How to Stop Toilet Tank Sweating