Since 2016, we are the inventor of 20 – 21 inch Extra Tall toilets and the leader in our category. Trusted by thousands of our valued customers in the U.S. and Canada. We ship from Charlotte, NC. Please browse our site and let us know how we can help you.

Shipping + Delivery

What's in the box?

Here is what’s in the box and how each Convenient Height toilet is packaged

Included parts are:
  1. Dual flush complete system with flush valve and fill valve: filler valve, dual flush valve,
    dual direction flush lever and all accompanying flush mechanism assembly bolts
  2. Slow-close toilet seat. White. As shown in images
  3. Tank-to-bowl connectors
  4. Floor mounting bolts
  5. Bolt caps

Wax ring and water supply hose are not included. When installing, the installer will choose the
right wax ring based on the bathroom floor drain as well as select the correct water supply hose
based on the length needed. Please note this toilet always requires a longer water supply hose due
to the height of the water tank from the floor (3-5 inches taller than any other toilet).


To maximize safety in transit each toilet ships in 2 separate boxes:
one box for tank, one box for bowl. We learned about shipping the hard way and now have developed
our state-of the-art packaging which leads to this toilet protected better than any other.

Box 1

Toilet bowl: double foam and double cardboard. 1 layer of foam
is custom molded to the shape of bowl. Another layer surrounds the exterior of the inner box. Double

Box 2

Toilet tank: double foam and double cardboard. 1 layer
of foam is custom molded to the shape of tank and tank lid. Another layer surrounds the exterior of
the inner box. Double cardboard. Each toilet shipped receives two tracking numbers and delivery
process is monitored in real-time. Total parcel weight 120 lbs. Convenient Height toilet comes with 100% safe delivery guarantee.
Complete shipment coverage is provided by UPS Capital Insurance. In case of an unlikely event of
bowl or tank arriving damaged in transit, each buyer is fully protected by our partner UPS Capital
Insurance, and we will replace any damaged part at zero cost for product and shipping.

About our packaging
About our packaging. Our packages will withstand a good beating in transit under normal circumstances. No 6 foot high drops, but a normal in-transit experience for the boxes. No mishandling or crushing by the forklifts or unreasonable weight over the boxes. The bowls and tanks are encapsulated inside of the custom formed foam capsules. Everything then is enclosed inside of the heavy duty cardboard boxes. Since we learned the shipping the hard way, we invested in custom packaging which you will be able to review upon the arrival of the product. The normal level of damage risk remains, but if any toilet can be delivered safely without a crate, it is ours – with a bit of luck.
Can I pick up my Convenient Height 20 inch extra tall toilet?

Yes, the Tall Toilet pick up is now available by appointment. We are adding the participating Stores throughout the U.S. where our product is available to see and pick up on site. Please see the link at top of the page for Store Location near you. Or simply click Store Locator here and enter your zip code to see if the store near you showcases our Tall Toilets. If you’d like your favorite store to display our tall toilet, please ask them to contact us.

Return Policy

Please click on our Return Policy page for return policy information

Shipping to Puerto Rico

Can we ship to Puerto Rico?


Yes, we ship Convenient Height tall toilets to Puerto Rico
puerto rico flag
How to ship to Puerto Rico
Shipping Way 1:
Direct shipment to the Puerto Rico address via our website order page.  When the Convenient Height customer selects this method, we utilize the services of the UPS Air or Fedex Air to ship our toilet to Puerto Rico. Free shipping does Not apply when shipping outside of the Domestic U.S. due to the Air transport fees. The UPS Air or Fedex Air cost is $300 per one toilet shipping/delivery and is direct as well as really fast.
Shipping Way 2:
Here we will describe a more cost effective way to ship to Puerto Rico.  Our Convenient Height customers choose to get our toilet direct shipped at no added cost for shipping (free shipping) to any of the U.S. Ports of our customers’ choosing. The Customer chooses which U.S. Port to ship to and the Customer will select the Freight Company to work with. The Customer is responsible for choosing and paying the Freight Company that will either Fly or Water Vessel the toilet from the U.S. Port address to the Puerto Rico Port address.
EXAMPLE of shipping to San Juan, Puerto Rico:
To best illustrate the Shipping Way 2, here below is an example used by some of the Convenient Height customers:
1. The customers selected the FREE Shipping to Jacksonville, FL by ordering via our website The customers entered the shipping address of the U.S. Port of Jacksonville, FL (full address below). Once we delivered to Jacksonville, FL the customers utilized the services of Crowley Logistics. Customers made arrangements directly with the carrier Crowley Logistics and the carrier was the responsible party to deliver the toilet to its final mile destination address in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
2. To use Crowley Logistics:
Crowley Logistics
2113 West 30th Street
Jacksonville, FL 32209-3634
Phone: (904) 727-2679
3. Customer provided Crowley Logistics with the volume, dimensions, box count and total weight of the toilet:
(2) Piece Toilet (Bowl and Tank)
Weight: 51.71kg or 114 Pounds (51.71kg)
Volume: 12.19 ft-3 (0.35 m-3)
Bowl Box: Length 31″ (inches) x Width 21″ (inches) x Height 25″ (inches) (77 Pounds)
Tank Box: Length 19″ (inches) x Width 12″ (inches) x Height 21″ (inches) (37 Pounds)
4. Crowley then issued the customers with a Quotation Number and calculated the full pricing to ship the toilet to the San Juan, Puerto Rico Port Address from the Crowley Logistics U.S. Port address.  Final price was around $150 per one toilet to be delivered from Jacksonville, FL to San Juan, Puerto Rico.