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Will tall toilet toilet meet 1.28 gallons per flush (1.28gpf) ?

Yes. This decision was made on Earth Day, April 22, 2017, and it was the right thing to do.

Does your 20 inch height tall toilet flush well?

Yes. Actually, it flushes better than most siphonic toilets – and here is why. Our super tall bowl elevation adds some more power to the siphonic flush, based on height and gravity physics; all contents rush downward drain moving incoming water at a naturally increasing flow speed. Convenient Height 20″ toilets have the advantage of added steeper elevation which is naturally good for a stronger siphonic action. Right after the trap way bend, the route is downward all the way into the drain, with literally no resistance at all. The Convenient Height Co. production plant tested Model S toilet with 3 ping pong tennis balls and additional hard items in the bowl at the same time and it flushed well; additionally, it passed the 1000 grams. hard artificial waste flush testing.

Flush rating on this toilet? (MaP)
Maximum Performance:
MaP-Testing is an independent and voluntary testing program for toilet models. MaP (Maximum Performance) Scores represent the number of grams of solid waste (soybean paste and toilet paper) that a toilet model can flush and remove completely from the fixture in a single flush.

MaP guidelines were used for our flush rate testing and we completed a MaP type flush test at our factory that shows a result of over 1000 grams in one flush.

Please see videos:



What is Convenient Height toilet flushing type?

Convenient Height toilet has a dual flush option designed to save water by using a minimal amount of water required to clean a 20 inch toilet bowl. The dual flushing mechanism replacement parts are available right here for order on our Online Store. Your installer/plumber can also choose to install their own single flush conventional (good ol’ chain and flapper style) mechanism, as long as the 2 inch diameter flush valve is used.

Pressure assist (air pressure) flush systems question
Pressure assist air pressure flush systems
Example of pressure assist air pressure flush system

Thank you for your question. As you said in your note, “Air pressure flush system is used by the businesses and stores”.. which in other words means – for toilets in the Commercial setting. Commercial drains are not the same as residential and commercial buildings have more complex plumbing systems. Strong water pressure is needed to push water up multiple floors and with the web of drainage pipes, the same principle of power is for contents going down from sinks and toilets. Please also do not forget the main reason Commercial buildings need pressure assisted toilet flush – in commercial bathrooms, there is a lot more stuff thrown to flush that does not belong in the toilet drain!..
So while technically you can get a pressure assist system for a residential toilet, please ensure your home piping can handle the added air pressure. Your plumber is correct to say “air pressure flush system helps keep the sewer system clear and that low flush toilets are causing sewer problems”. But – can has your residential drain been tested to handle air pressure delivered by air pressure device and do you really need it?..

With our Tall Toilet, there is something we engineered better than many others, and it is a gravity-based powerful flush. Please take a moment to watch videos on our website (link here or our youtube channel) as it relates to toilet flushing. We show how much of contents and how well our Convenient Height tall toilet flushes it all down. A good gravity-based powerful flush (like ours) is much safer for your residential drain pipes than the air-pressure designed for commercial setting. Our bowl is engineered to delivers plenty of pressure to push contents down the drain.

How does your toilet flush power compare to American Standard Champion 4 Max toilet?

Flush power: when it comes to the flush power we do have a good flushing toilet with a Dual Flush valve (handle up for less water dispensing around 0.9 GPF and handle down for full flush of water dispensing 1.28 GPF). Here below attached are some of our Convenient Height flush testing videos. The American Standard Champion 4 Max sure is a well-flushing toilet, but of course if you are looking for a super powerful flush for any particular reason, then the most of the flush power will come from pressure-assist toilets – which is neither Convenient Height and not the American Standard Champion 4 Max unit. Both our Convenient Height brand and the American Standard Champion 4 Max have a very well performing flushing gravity based flush toilets and we are both high-efficiency design with a 1.28 GPF for a full flush (except that we also have a dual flush option with our dual flush 2 inch valve). Please review the flush videos (links below) and let me know if you have any questions. Convenient Height lab test video: Convenient Height residential flush video: Compare our lab video to the lab test video for American Standard Champion 4 Max:

Air venting for drain pipes
Plumbing Vent
Example of Plumbing vent pipe on the roof

Air is critical to the drainage process because drainage flow is caused by sloping pipes, and the motive force is gravity. Without proper air flow, you may experience slow drain performance or a gulping sound in your fixture. Plumbing air vents also prevent sewer gases from entering the home and allow wastewater gas and odor to escape. Plumbing vent pipes are located on roofs, away from windows or air conditioning units, so that the fumes can easily dissipate. Proper ventilation is especially important for a good drain action.

Water saving requirements (1.28G PF)
The Convenient Height Company product design team is very sensitive to the fact that there are a growing number of the States working to urgently address water shortage issues. The Convenient Height Tall Toilet was designed to proactively comply with the water saving requirements of 1.28 GPF max (1.28 gallon per flush of maximum water usage). Our 20-3/4″ height toilet bowl was designed to flush extremely well with minimal amounts of water. The toilet tank and bowl trap way designs were important to us to not only meet the goal of the product esthetics, but also as the mission statement for water efficiency and water economy.
The Convenient Height extra tall toilet is equipped with a dual flush valve which meets the following water closets (WC/toilets) regulation standards: 1) All toilets in newly constructed residential buildings must be either dual flush maximum flush volume of 1.28 GPF; or if single flush, with a max flush volume of 1.06 gpf (Convenient Height toilet has a dual flush valve); 2) All toilets in retrofits and other building types must be dual flush maximum flush volume of 1.28 GPF; effective flush volume of 1.06 GPF, or 2) single flush with a max flush volume of 1.28 gpf (Convenient Height toilet has a dual flush valve).