Since 2016, we are the inventor of 20 – 21 inch Extra Tall toilets and the leader in our category. Trusted by thousands of our valued customers in the U.S. and Canada. We ship from Charlotte, NC. Please browse our site and let us know how we can help you.

Original Tall Toilet

Full product description

  • Color: pearl white
  • Toilet bowl height: 20 inches
  • Bowl height with toilet seat: 21 inches
  • Rough-in: 12 inches
  • Slow-close toilet seat included
  • Elongated bowl shape. Two-piece toilet
  • Compacjpgt size tank delivers a powerful flush
  • Tank lid features Convenient Height trademark
  • Dual flush: lever up light flush, down full flush
  • Water economy: 1.28 gal/full flush, 0.9 gal/light flush
  • Compatible with most elongated bidet cleansing seats
  • Fully glazed 2 inch trap-way/passageway
  • Standard installation. Install time: 45 minutes
Included parts
  • Polished chrome dual direction flush lever
  • Slow-close toilet seat. White.
  • Dual flush complete system with flush valve and fill valve
  • Tank-to-bowl connectors
  • Floor mounting bolts

Our products are guaranteed against defects in material and
workmanship for a period of: 3 year limited warranty on chinaware; 1 year warranty on mechanical
parts inside water tank. Warranty applies to residential plastic toilet seat closing mechanism.
Warranty does not apply to physical damage or regular wear-and tear of products.


UPS Ground. Detailed tracking information provided to buyer
once tracking labels created. To maximize safety in transit each toilet ships in 2 boxes: one box
for tank, one box for bowl. While both boxes travel together, they are separated in transit to
minimize individual box weight and cut damage risk. Buyer receives two UPS tracking numbers for each
toilet with daily progress updates. Total parcel weight 120 lbs.

100% safe delivery guarantee

Complete shipment coverage. State of the art packaging: heavy cardboard box,
customer molded heavy packaging protected. In case of unlikely event of bowl or tank arriving damaged in transit each
buyer is 100% protected by our safe delivery guarantee, and we will immediately replace any damaged part.

What are two-piece toilets?

Toilets are generally offered in two configurations, one piece and two piece designs. Our Convenient Height toilet is a two-piece toilet that has a separate toilet tank and a toilet bowl secured to each other. Two piece toilets (also known as “close coupled toilets”) are the most common type of toilet available. A Convenient Height two-piece toilet with a bolted installation system provides a sturdy, level connection between the toilet water tank and toilet bowl. Two piece toilet designs are the most popular in the world for residential and commercial installations.

Is a Convenient Height toilet ranked #1 as the tallest residential toilet in the US?

Yes. A Convenient Height toilet Model S features a super tall 20 inch elongated toilet bowl. It is ranked #1 tallest consumer market toilet available in the Unites States. Our designers and engineers have pioneered a 20 inch toilet bowl concept.

Is Convenient Height toilet a high quality product?

Yes. We apply strict internal testing and quality control requirements for all of our toilets to ensure you receive the best performing product.

I need almond or bone color, is that available?

Hello and Thank you for your inquiry about the Convenient Height brand 20 -21 inch bowl height Tall Toilets. At this time we produce only in white color, which is the most popular color for the toilets in general. Our Convenient Height brand product choice of white is this beautiful shade, called Pearl White – it truly looks very well and adds a Luxurious touch to any bathroom. We are starting to receive inquiries about different colors by our customers, and Yes, Bone or Almond are at the top!.. together with requests for Black. What color should we make next? Please vote! We will be tracking your responses and will choose the winning color all together with the help from our future buyers.

Is the toilet California compliant?

Yes. From our early beginning, the Convenient Height Company product design team was very sensitive to the fact that California and growing number of the States were working to urgently address water shortage issues. Convenient Height 20 inch toilet was designed to proactively comply with the water saving requirements of 1.28 GPF max (1.28 gallon per flush of maximum water usage). Our 20″ height toilet bowl was designed to flush extremely well with minimal amount of water. Even visually, it is easy to witness how minimalistic our toilet tank is – this part of the design was important to us to not only meet the goal of the product esthetics, but also as the mission statement for water efficiency and water economy. Having said the above, the Convenient Height 20 inch height tall toilet is equipped with a dual flush valve which meets the following water closets (WC/toilets) regulation standards: 1) All toilets in newly constructed residential buildings must be either dual flush maximum flush volume of 1.28 GPF; or if single flush, with a max flush volume of 1.06 gpf (Convenient Height toilet has a dual flush valve); 2) All toilets in retrofits and other building types must be dual flush maximum flush volume of 1.28 GPF; effective flush volume of 1.06 GPF, or 2) single flush with a max flush volume of 1.28 gpf (Convenient Height toilet has a dual flush valve).

Toilet seat replacements

The toilet seat is included with every toilet we ship. Nearly any elongated seat will fit for the Convenient Height tall toilets purchased after September 2020. For toilet seats of our Tall Toilet models purchased prior September 2020, please click here to order a new toilet seat as pictured below:

Slow close toilet seat and slow close lid prevents slamming

Would medical insurance help pay for this toilet? I need for medical reason?

We are working towards our goal for Medical Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, as well as U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs to start compensating this toilet in part or in full. Please demand your insurance to qualify this purchase for coverage if you need it for medical reasons – we will provide all required documents if needed.

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